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Pageau, Arthur to Paulson, Myrtle Surname groupings: Pageau, Pa-Paige interfiled, Pa-Paine-Painter interfiled, Pa, Pa-Palm interfiled, Palmer, Pa, Pa-Papineau-Pappas interfiled, Paquet-Paquette interfiled, Paguin-Paquin interfiled, Pa-Paradis-Pare interfiled, Parent, Parenteau, Pa-Paris interfiled, Pa-Park interfiled, Parker, Pa-Parkhurst interfiled, Parkinson, Parks, Pa-Parmentier interfiled, Pa-Parr-Parrish-Parry interfiled, Parrott, Pa-Parshall interfiled, Parson-Parsons interfiled, Pa-Partridge interfiled, Pa, Patenaude-Pa interfiled, Paterson, Paton, Pa-Patrick-Patten interfiled, Patterson-Paterson interfiled, Pa, Patton, Paul, Pa, Paulson. 



Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

Inventory no.: 76-13
Textual records: microform
Microfilm reel T-15316
90: Open
Textual records: microform
90: Open
Microfilm reel
90: Open
Former archival reference no.

Finding aid no.

Additional information

Form 30 (border entry records)


Other system control no.