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Schuler, C. R. L. to Shanks, Doris Surname groupings: Schuler, Sc-Schuler-Schulte interfiled, Schultz, Schulz-Schulze interfiled, Sc-Schumacher-Schuman interfiled, Sc-Schuster interfiled, Sc-Schutte interfiled, Sc-Schwab interfiled, Schwartz, Sc-Schwarz interfiled, Sc, Sc-Scofield interfiled, Scott, Sc-Scribner interfiled, Sc-Scully interfiled, Se-Seager interfiled, Se-Seal interfiled, Se-Sears interfiled, Se-Seaton interfiled, Se, Se-See interfiled, Se-Seeley interfiled, Se-Seguin interfiled, Se-Seibel interfiled, Se-Seifert interfiled, Se-Seitz interfiled, Se-Selby-Self interfiled, Se-Sellers interfiled, Se, Se-Semler interfiled, Se-Senn interfiled, Se, Se-Settle interfiled, Se-Seversen-Severson-Sevigny interfiled, Se-Sewell-Sexton interfiled, Se-Seymour-Sg interfiled, Sh-Shaddy-Shade interfiled, Sh-Shafer-Shaff interfiled, Sh, Sh-Shank-Shanks interfiled, Shanks. 



Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

Inventory no.: 76-13
Textual records: microform
Microfilm reel T-15327
90: Open
Textual records: microform
90: Open
Microfilm reel
90: Open
Former archival reference no.

Finding aid no.

Additional information

Form 30 (border entry records)


Other system control no.