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Complaints and Compliance Branch [textual record]. 



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ca. 133.5 m of textual records

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This is a preliminary record, please consult the linked accessions. Series consists of complaint files created by the Complaints and Compliance Branch of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Complaint case files typically contain documentation such as: a complaint form, an Intake Analysis Form, and an Investigator Designation Form, Investigation Report, testimony and evidence from the interviews, a summary report containing the Commission's decision and transcripts. Some files may also contain a Complaint Conciliation Report, legal opinions, briefs, factums, testimony, memos, correspondence, and in some cases, documentation created by the Federal and/or Supreme Court.

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Biography / Administrative history

One of the Canadian Human Rights Commission's main roles is to process complaints in the area of discrimination in areas such as human rights, legal rights, equality rights, minority rights and democratic rights. The Complaints and Compliance Branch is responsible for processing these complaints. The process begins with an inquiry that is investigated by the CHRC. After that level, some cases are resolved through conciliation or are heard by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the review tribunal, the Federal Court and in rare instances, the Supreme Court.

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Title is based on the contents of the series.

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