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Outward registration records [textual record (chiefly microform)] [1906-1953].

Sub-series consists of


1906-1953, microfilmed 1963

Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

18 microfilm reels
0.125 m of textual records

Scope and content

Sub-series consists of outward registration (C.I.9, C.I.9.A) records for Canada and Newfoundland, 1906-1953. The sub-series includes C.I.9 certificates from Vancouver and Victoria; lists of persons to whom C.I.9 and C.I.9A certificates have been issued in Vancouver and Victoria; lists of persons readmitted to Canada at Victoria under C.I.9/ 9-A certificates and other readmissions and cancellations; a Central District register of Chinese out-registrations; a Newfoundland register of arrivals and outward registrations; and a Vancouver out-registration ledger. Under the Chinese Immigration Act, from 1885 to its repeal in 1947, persons of Chinese ancestry wishing to leave Canada temporarily were required to "register out" formally with Immigration authorities. From 1885 to 1903, the Immigration Act provided specifically for the keeping of a register of these departures at each port and the issuing to each person of a "Certificate of Leave [to depart and return]", later called the out-registration or C.I.9 certificate. In 1903 the specific reference to a certificate was removed from the Act, but the documents continued to be issued (See Canada Statutes, 1885 c.71 s.14; C.S. 1903 c.8 s.18; C.S. 1923 c.38 ss.23-24; etc.). From at least 1903 onwards, the certificate was valid for a limited time only, after which the traveller lost his right of re-entry (regardless of original citizenship) and was required to re-apply as if he were a new immigrant. "Native-born" Chinese Canadians were subject to the same out-registration procedures as the foreign-born from at least 1913 onwards, if not earlier. Despite repeal of the Chinese Immigration Act in 1947, C.I.9 certificates continued to be issued as a control measure on a "voluntary" basis until 1952-53. Crewmen of Canadian (and foreign) ships docking at Canadian ports were issued with similar but separate C.I.9A certificates. No copies or registers of records in this series have been transferred to the National Archives, other than references in the lists in the Lists of persons to whom C.I.9 and C.I.9A certificates have been issued in Vancouver and Victoria sub-sub-series (RG76-D-2-d-ii). The name of the person leaving Canada was first entered in out-registration registers kept at the port of departure. Only three of these registers have survived and are included in this sub-series: one created in Toronto for departures dated 1923-1951 (RG76-D-2-d-iv); one for Newfoundland for departures dated 1906-1950 (RG76-D-2-d-v); and one apparently created in Vancouver (for returns dated January 1912 - January 1913, RG76-D-2-d-vi). A certificate was then made out in the traveller's name and either given to the individual or (at least after 1910) deposited at the port of departure. A duplicate was sent to the proposed port of re-entry, if different from port of departure. From at least 1910 onwards, the traveller was also required to leave behind his other identifying certificates (C.I.5, 28, 36, or 45). On return, the C.I.9 was annotated accordingly, and the other documents returned. If the person failed to return within the legal time limit, the certificate was marked as expired and the other documents were forwarded to Ottawa for cancellation. C.I.9 certificates for Vancouver and Victoria (1910-1952) are described in this sub-series (RG76-D-2-d-i). The port was also required to send in regular reports of certificates issued, and certificates redeemed or cancelled. These lists of persons receiving C.I.9 and C.I.9A certificates at Vancouver and Victoria (1913-1953) and lists of persons returning or failing to return under certificates issued at Victoria only (1912-1953), are included in this sub-series (RG76-D-2-d-ii and RG76-D-2-d-iii respectively).

Textual records: microform
90: Open
Textual records
90: Open
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Additional information

Source of title
Title is based on the contents of the sub-series.

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Dates of creation note
These records were filmed by the Department under microfilm authority M6-62 in 1963 from originals which were then destroyed. Many of the images are of poor quality.