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"Asiatic" or "Asian" case files [textual record]. 

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Scope and content

Sub-series consists of a selection of "AN"-prefixed files that document the admission to Canada of individual immigrants classified as "Asiatic", 1940's-1960's, under both the general regulations and the special quota agreements. The files were opened, 1949-1967, apparently at Immigration headquarters in Ottawa. The files in volumes 716-718 were chosen for transfer to the National Archives in 1979 for their special historical or legal interest. These involve persons of distinctively desirable or questionable status, such as specialist scientists and successful entrepreneurs (on the one hand) or criminals, deportees, and other irregular entrants (on the other).

Textual records
32: Restricted by law
from 716 to 718
32: Restricted by law
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Copyright belongs to the Crown.

Finding aid 76-37 consists of index cards that correspond to the Asiatic case files. These index cards were created by the Department of Employment and Immigration to access the Asiatic case files. They were transferred to the National Archives of Canada without being attached to a particular accession. 76-37 (Paper)

Finding aid 76-53 is a handwritten file list. 76-53 (Paper)

Finding aid 76-54 is a handwritten file list. 76-54 (Paper)

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Title is based on the contents of the sub-series.

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Related materials
At least six special series of case files have been opened at various dates since the 1920's to document the arrival of individuals classed as "Asiatics" under the exclusionary Orders in Council. The oldest appear to be the "Hindu" (H prefix) files, a few examples of which survive in B.C. regional office files in RG76 accessions V-"42805, 1984-85/279" and V-"43938, 1985-86/472". These may have been superseded by the "AN" (Asian or Asiatic) files in this sub-series. Some of the persons entering Canada under the quota agreements (see RG76-D-3-b) were documented in files prefixed "ND", none of which have survived. There are also examples in accessions at the Vancouver Federal Records Centre of Asiatic case files prefixed M (Malayan or Malaysian), T (Thai) and J (Japanese). A large proportion of these files were opened and maintained in regional or local Immigration offices on the West Coast, rather than at Ottawa.