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John Sparrow Thompson family art [graphic material]. 

Series consists of


ca. 1850-1895

Place of creation

Various places

1 painting : miniature: watercolour on ivory.
18 watercolours.
15 drawings.
677 prints reproductions.
3 objects : encased in lockets : 1 painted photograph: watercolour, gouache over silver gelatin print ; 1 monochrome albumen print ; 1 ribbon

Scope and content

Series includes one posthumous portrait miniature of Sir John Sparrow Thompson painted by Bonne de Bock, ca. 1895. Two portraits are of Sir John Thompson in the form of an 1894 posthumous painted photograph by an unknown artist after a 1891 photograph by William James Topley and a monochrome photograph of Lady Thompson likely from around 1870, the time of her marriage to John Thompson. Both are encased in elaborate lockets. Sir John Thompson sits in a locket with top cover encrusted with semi-precious jewels and seed pearls with a pait of hair within the inner locket. Lady Thompson is set in a sterling silver locket with engraved motifs. Both have some engraved inscriptions. Series also includes an album of approximately 710 artworks of various media. They have been grouped into ten sections: 1) Landscape views (in Canada, United States and Europe), 2) Architectural views (Europe), 3) Miscellaneous sketches of animals, and miscellaneous subjects, 4) Crimean, Civil War, and miscellaneous warfare scenes, 5) Scenes of Victorian gentry, 6) Love and matrimony, and miscellaneous, 7) Natives in Australia, Canada and the United States, 8) Greeting cards, 9) Scenes from Shakespeare's plays, 10) Portraits of various people, 11) View engraved by Smillie, 12) Views of Nova Scotia, lithographed by Eagar.

Graphic (art)
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Graphic (art)
Copy negative C-117337
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Graphic (art)
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Terms of use

Copyright expired. Credit: National Archives of Canada.

Some items on-line on Mikan at item level. 1949-078; R5240-1 to R5240-2 90 (Electronic)

Accession files. 1949-078; R5240-2005 ; 90 (Paper)

Additional information

Material likely collected by a member of the immediate family.


Related control no.

1. 1949-078 PIC
2. 2014-00203-7