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Headquarters central registry files [textual record] 



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0.9 m of textual records
Textual records
32: Restricted by law
from 1 to 3
32: Restricted by law
Former archival reference no.
BAN no.
Record disposition authority no.

Terms of use

Copyright belongs to the Crown. Credit the National Archives of Canada

Textual record This unverified, typed finding aid provides the following information: the box number, file number, the associated Indian Affairs file number, as well as the associated RG 10 accession or permanent volume control number that the department believes this material is related to. 10-426 90 (Electronic) _181284.pdf

Additional information

This accession consists of an eclectic collection of individual documents which, under normal circumstances, should have been placed on central registry files in the course of business. For reasons which are not clear, these documents were not available to the records office staff for inclusion in files during the period when those files were in the custody of the central records office of the Indian and Inuit Affairs Program. By the time that these individual documents were sent to the records office for filing, the relevant files had already been transferred to the custody of the National Archives. Staff of the Indian and Inuit Affairs Program (IIAP) records office have made the attempt to indicate the appropriate file and NA accession number or volume number that they believe this material should have been filed with. However, there is no evidence that this material was ever placed on the file and then removed. It is our assumption that these loose PA's were never placed on the file. For a small number of the documents in this accession, the IIAP records office has failed to provide a National Archives accession number for the appropriate related file, with the result that, for these documents, it is not at all obvious where in National Archives holdings the file will be found. Users should note that there is no particular order to the records within the three boxes which make up the accession. Documents which belong with files from any one other accession may be found in each of the three boxes.

The material in this accession consists of bloc numeric central registry files pertaining to the following subjects: School Buildings (4965); Economic Development - General (4500); Education - General (4700); (Justice, Law Enforecement and Legal Matters - General (5400); National Indian Arts and Crafts Corporation (4517); Fines and Indebtness - General (5423); Cultural Affairs - Cultural Education Centres (4735); Natural Resources - Resource Development Impact (4588); Arts and Crafts - Provincial Governments (4519); Employment - General (4545); Sports and Recreation (6478); Rehabilitation (6610); Family and Children (6575); Social Development - General (6550); Oil and Gas (5855); and Wildlife General (5887); along with modified duplex central registry records concerning: Organization - Generally (1-1); Water Supply System (8-2); Economic Development - General (19-1); Research and Surveys (19-2); Surveys and Reserves - General (30-1); Individual Land Holdings (33-1); School Land (36-4); Federal, Provincial and Municipal Land Agreements (36-14); as well as several Black Series records.

Arrangement note
This accession contains the same records previously described under BAN 1999-00491-4.

Original extent note
1.2 m of textual records.