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Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry [textual record]. 

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Sub-series consists of records created and/or maintained by the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and document many aspects of its activities. Volume 4157 includes the following files: Casualty lists, 1915 (folder 1, files 1-6); Nominal rolls, 1915 (folder 2, file 1); Defence schemes, 10 Jan 1916 (folder 2, file 2); Daily orders, Pt. II, 6 March 1915-4 March 1916 (folder 2, file 3); Nominal rolls of reinforcements, 1 Feb-31 May 1915 (folder 2, file 4).

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Biography / Administrative history

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) was organized in Ottawa on 10 August 1914 for service with the British Expeditionary Force and was composed of ex-soldiers of the South African War. PPCLI was commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel F.D. Farquhar.

The battalion embarked at Quebec City aboard ROYAL GEORGE, disembarking in England on 14 October 1914. The battalion arrived in France on 21 December 1914. It joined the Canadian Corps on 25 November 1915, becoming part of the 3rd Canadian Division, 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade. Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry disbanded in Ottawa on 19 March 1919.

The battalion found a goat in Ypres in 1915 which became the regimental mascot. Its kid, also a mascot, was killed at Sanctuary Wood, June 1916.

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