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Canadian Forestry Corps in Great Britain historical records [textual record]. 

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Series consists of historical records from Canadian Forestry Corps (CFC) in England, which were sent periodically to the Canadian Record Office and the Canadian War Records Office for safekeeping. The records are arranged by subject within each unit. The series includes historical files from the CFC headquarters in London and the CFC Base Depot in Sunningdale (Vol. 4528), the 123rd, 124th, 141st, 142nd Companies (Vol. 4528), and the following CFC Districts: No. 51 (Vols. 4521-4522), No. 52 (Vols. 4523-4524), No. 54 and No. 55 (Vol. 4525), No. 56 (Vols. 4525-4528).

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from 4521 to 4528
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Biography / Administrative history

Authorised in October 1916 under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander McDougall, the Canadian Forestry Corps (CFC) was composed of companies, each of which came under one of the six district headquarters in Great Britain or one of the eight district headquarters in France. Companies in France were numbered below 100 and those in Britain were numbered 101 and up. The base depot was at Smith's Lawn, Windsor Great Park. The Canadian Forestry Corps in France came under the British Expeditionary Force Director of Works until March 1917, when a Directorate of Forestry was created. Forestry battalions raised in Canada (224th, 230th, 242nd) were absorbed by the Canadian Forestry Corps depot upon their arrival in Great Britain. Districts in Great Britain were Nos. 51 (formerly No. 1, at Inverness), 52 (formerly No. 2, at Carlisle), 53 (formerly No. 3, at Egham), 54 (formerly No. 4, at Southhampton), 55 (at Stirling) and 56 (at East Sheen). Districts in France were organized in groups (Central, Bordeaux, Jura). Most companies were engaged in forestry operations (including the making of sitreps, sleepers, sawlogs and axe handles), but some cleared, drained, levelled and graded sites for aerodromes, both in England and in France.

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