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Visual material [graphic material, philatelic record]. 

Sub-series consists of



Place of creation


2055 photographs : b&w and col.
100 pictures multiple processes.
34 prints photomechanical reproductions.
6 booklets photomechanical reproductions.
4 sheets of commemorative stamps.

Scope and content

Sub-series consists of material registered for copyright protection with the Department of Agriculture, the department responsible for copyright, patent, and trademark registrations. Photographs include: portrait of Francois Xavier Antoine Labelle; A.B. Filion; Samuel Ouimet; Georges Duhamel; Isidore Martin; Arthur Buies; Sir John Thompson; Henri Bourassa; Sir James E.H. Macdonald; Sir Charles Tupper; Sir Georges-Etienne Cartier; members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, 1874; Fathers of Confederation; members of the clergy; the crew of H.M.S. Leander; R.M.S. Empress of India; New Brunswick rowing crew; 1903 Interprovincial Conference; interior of the House of Commons, 1897; residence of the Governor General; a fire in Toronto, 1904; Quebec Bridge disaster, 1907; the trial of Louis Riel; mines and mining towns; natives and their cultures across Canada; fox farming; Ruthenian settlers; "Soapy" Smith's Saloon, Skagway, Alaska; unidentified Canadian Officer; and various other items. Photographs also include group portraits of clergy from the following parishes: Upper House, Anglican Provincial Synod, Montreal, Que., 1862; First General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Toronto, Ont., June 1870; Péres du Viéme Concile Provinciale de Québec, Quebec, Que., 1873; 1st Concile Provinciale de Manitoba, St. Boniface, Man., 16 July 1889; Vénerable Chapitre de la Basilique, Ottawa, Ont., 9 October 1889; House of Bishops, Anglican General Synod, Toronto, Ont., September 1893; General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Brantford, Ont., 1893; House of Bishops, Anglican Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, Montreal, Que., 1895; House of Bishops, Anglican General Synod, Winnipeg, Man., September 1896; Anglican Diocesan Synods, Montreal and Quebec, Que., 1905 and 1908; prelates and clergy, Roman Catholic Eucharistic Conference, Montreal, Que., 11 July 1915; ministers of the Canadian Wesleyan Conference; and portraits of Catholic clergy, 1873-1925, including: Cardinals L.N. Bégin, E.A. Taschereau; Monseigneurs J.S.H. Brunault, P.N. Bruchesi, Ignace Bourget, J.T. Duhamel, E.C. Fabre, Elphege Gravel, Paul Larocque, Joseph Larocque, E.A. Leblanc, N.Z. Lorrain, Cornelius O'Brien, John Sweeney, Cardinal Raphael Merry Del Val, Archbishop L.P.A. Langevin, and Dom Henri Smeulders. Photos by L. Belanger, Bennetto and Co., William Charron, C.O. Coulombe, L.E. Desmarais and Cie., R.D. Ewing, Albert Ferland, Goodman, Gordon, Laprés & Lavergne, J.E. Livernois, Livernois & Bienvenu, M.A. Montminy, William Notman, T. O'Brien, Alfred Papillon, and Park and Co. Sub-series also consists of artistic material including portraits of Sir William Lyon MacKenzie King, Sir John Thompson, Queen Alexandra, Queen Mother, Lord Charles Beresford, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Pierre A. Lardon, and a silhouette portrait of Joseph Franklin; panoramic views of Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Sydney and Cape Breton; composite pictures of "Les Echevins de Montréal" and "Les Maires de Montréal"; a cityscape of Vancouver entitled "Outfitting and Gateway to the Klondike"; two newspaper articles and reproductions of the sinking of the German warship "Bleucher"; souvenir booklets depicting views of Kelowna, Ottawa, Toronto, and Penticton; a booklet entitled "Glimpses of Canadian scenery"; illustrations of coal miners and surveyors of the Standard Coal Company on their property, Graham Island; postcards from Paris, Ontario, and Vancouver, 1910; notification of arrears from the office of W.H. Gardiner, 474 Queen St., Toronto; Scott's Emulsion promotional calendar for 1888; wartime calendar entitled "Just a Private", 1939; unidentified view of lake and woods; U.S. Cruiser "West Virginia" coaling at Vancouver, 1911; men on the Fort St. John Trail; journal entitled "The Canadian Century", vol. 2, no. 3, July 23, 1910; published book of poems entitled "Where Duty Leads"; business card for Russell's Watch Manufacturing, Toronto; postcard with flag design by Henri Bernard; portraits of Monseigneur Ignace Bourget, Eveque de Montreal; the Honourable Sir Adolphe Chapleau; Monseigneur O'Brien, Bishop of Kingston; and Sir Daniel Wilson; one drawing entitled "Climbing the Rockies on the Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway"; and one poster entitled "Canada's Rally to the Empire - answering the call of the motherland", 1914. Also included are 4 sheets of commemorative stamps depicting Canadian Military uniforms and battleships.

Graphic (photo)
90: Open
90: Open
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
90: Open
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
90: Open
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
SC 2077
90: Open
Graphic (art)
90: Open
from A420/X1 to A420/X2
90: Open
Graphic (art)
90: Open
from 2000837499 to 2000837503
90: Open
Archival reference no.
Former archival reference no.

Many items are described at the item-level in MINISIS-ICON and MINISIS-DAPDCAP. (Electronic)

Additional information

Arrangement note
Graphic items and philatelic material have been retained as a single physical entity.

Availability of other formats note
The copy negative numbers for the items digitized are C-001872 C-001873 C-001875 PA-029691 PA-031311 PA-031314(DAPDCAP)


Related control no.

1. 1952-076 NPC
2. 1956-023 NPC
3. 1966-094 DAP
4. 1966-094 NPC
5. 1968-079 PIC
6. 1984-175 NPC
7. 1992-676 DAP
8. 120-080129-6