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General departmental records [textual record]. 

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Series consists of general departmental records relating to many of the chief functions and activities of the Department. Central registry subject files reflecting the various Branches, Divisions or Directorates of the Department are found in volumes 19-33, 38-51, 611. Volumes 852-895 contain reports and correspondence relating to numerous associations, committees, and institutes such as the American Medical Association, Commonwealth Medical Conferences, the Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities, the National Council of Women of Canada, the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, the Health League of Canada, the Canadian Highway Safety Council, etc. Initially, these files were centralized for the entire Department, but in 1967 each Branch created its own registry block for such material. Volumes 1317-1319 contains individual files sent to the National Archives of Canada by the National Health and Welfare which are additions to material already received by the NA. These files were retained by the department because of a continuing need for them in the department. The subjects dealt with are as follows: National Health and Welfare participation in the Canadian Centennial, 1967 and in the centennial celebrations of Manitoba, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories; briefs submitted to the Senate Special Committee on Aging, 1964; various health services supplied by the department. Volumes 1383-1384 contain records of the Department's involvement in more than 30 international health congresses and conferences held in the 1920's and 1930's. These files were reviewed by the Department of External Affairs in 1958 and then transferred to the National Archives. The general departmental files found in volumes 1418-1419 relate to the liaison activities of various Provincial and Federal Government Departments in the publicizing of programs, services or activities in which they were involved. These files are from the period 1950-1974 and are comprised primarily of printed or near printed material such as reports and some correspondence at the deputy ministerial level. Volumes 1695-1712 contain files relating to the following types of Parliamentary material: Cabinet decisions, 1962-1965; Proposed legislation, 1954-1968; Cabinet meetings, procedures 1945-1963; Orders for return, 1957-1970; Tabled material, 23rd-29th Parliament, 1957-1974; Questions, 23rd-29th Parliament, 1957-1972. The Glassco Commission, management studies, organization and functions of program areas, the take over of the Medical Research Council, inventions by departmental staff, exchange visits between Canada and Communist countries, advisory committees and inter-departmental committees are among the wide range of topics covered in volumes 1676-1682. Volumes 2084-2119 contain general departmental subject, policy and case files covers a wide range of departmental programs, particularly during the 1960's. Volumes 2084-2110 contain an alphabetical groups of files relating to corporations, associations, societies and various groups with some involvement in the general areas of health and social welfare. Although some of the files merely contain the organization's charter and related correspondence, many others are more complete files with correspondence, reports and minutes. These files have the numerical primary 20 with secondary alpha numerical identifiers. Volumes 2110-2116 relate to Federal-Provincial conferences and activities on both the health and welfare side of the department, for the period 1953 to 1971. Privy Council matters relating to health and welfare are documented for the period 1947-1973 in a sporadic fashion in volumes 2116-2119. Also included are various policy papers and files relating to industrial relations and scientific policy including the special Senate Committee on Scientific Policy.

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from 19 to 21
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from 43 to 44
from 858 to 860
from 862 to 863
from 890 to 891
from 1383 to 1384
from 2089 to 2090
from 2111 to 2116
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Textual records
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from 38 to 39
from 41 to 42
from 47 to 49
from 854 to 857
from 864 to 867
from 869 to 878
from 880 to 884
from 886 to 889
from 892 to 895
from 1317 to 1319
from 1676 to 1682
from 1695 to 1712
from 2084 to 2088
from 2091 to 2095
from 2097 to 2110
from 2117 to 2118
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