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Astral Bellevue Pathe fonds [moving images, sound recording]. 



Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

ca. 4,183 film reels.
1,074 optical tracks.
421 magnetic tracks.
55 audio reels.
553 videocassettes (ca. 800 h).

Scope and content

Fonds consists of moving material produced or processed by Bellevue Pathe Ltd., subsidiaries of Bellevue Pathe Ltd., and companies acquired by Bellevue Pathe Ltd. Material has been divided into seven series as follows: Astral Bellevue Classics; Astral Bellevue Pathe, Film Production; Bellevue Pathe, Laboratories; Astral Films; Bellevue Home Entertainment; Associated Screen News; and Associated Screen Industries.

Moving images (film)
90: Open
Sound recordings
90: Open
Moving images (video)
90: Open
Archival reference no.

Terms of use

Moving images: Reproduction with written permission of copyright owner and donor.
Sound recordings: Reproduction with written permission of copyright owner and donor.

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Biography / Administrative history

In 1961 Harvey, Sidney and Ian Greenberg, four brothers, founded Angreen Photo in Montreal, Quebec to operate the camera and film concessions in the Miracle Mart department stores. This evolved into the Astral Photo national chain. The company acquired the Bellevue Photo Laboratory in Montreal in 1963, and in 1969 acquired Associated Screen Industries (ASI), Canada's largest motion picture laboratory. The same year the company name was changed to Bellevue Pathe Ltd. In 1973 Astral was constituted under the name Astral Bellevue Pathe Limited, the result of the amalgamation of the Greenberg-controlled Bellevue Pathe Limited, and Astral Communications Limited, a public company involved in theatrical and television distribution. Astral Bellevue Pathe was involved in a "vast assortment of film production, post-production and distribution services, retail camera and photo finishing operations and videocassette duplication and distribution businesses." Production and distribution divisions of Astral Bellevue Pathe included Astral Films Limited, Astral Bellevue Classics, Pathe Video Incorporated, Bellevue Home Entertainment, and Bellevue Pathe Video among others. The corporate name of Astral Bellevue Pathe Limited was eventually changed to Astral Inc., Astral Communications Inc., AstralTech in 1993, and then Astral Media Inc. in 2000. In 1999 Astral acquired 63.3% interest in Covitec Group in exchange for its AstralTech service assets. In 2002 the controlling interest of Covitec Group was sold to Technicolour, in addition to Astral Media's video duplication and distribution business. In 2001 Astral Media obtained ownership of The Family Channel, and also Telemedia radio stations in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. As of 2002, Astral Media Inc. was one of the largest media companies in Canada, active in specialized, pay-per-view and pay television, radio and outdoor advertising. "Astral Media at 40: Pure Play Media all the Way." Sep 3 2001, p. 1. Playback advertising supplement.

Additional information

Source of title
Accession names/titles do not necessarily reflect the corporate name of the creator.

Arrangement note
Material has been divided amongst seven series. The production dates of some material pre-dates the creation of Bellevue Pathe Ltd. and its successor companies. Series titles have, for the most part, been based on the company or subsidiary name in use at the time the material was produced or processed. However, material included in each series often falls outside the dates a specific company name was in use. As such, Astral Bellevue Pathe intellectual and physical control is not complete.