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Album 35, Museum Exhibition and Norcross-Bartlett Expedition [graphic material]. 

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1 album (113 photographs) b&w

Scope and content

This album, comprised of 48 pages on which 113 photographs are mounted, consists of museum exhibition photographs of the N.W.T. and Yukon Branch of the Department of the Interior's Central Canada Exhibitions from 1933 - 1935. Photos of Inuit and Native handicrafts, carvings, costumes, embroidery, oil products from Western Canada, animal skulls and skins, stuffed animals (bear, wolf, fox, badger, wolverine, otter, beaver, coyote, buffalo and deer head), and canoes. Photos by the Motion Pictures Bureau of the Canadian government. Album also consists of documentation from the Norcross-Bartlett Expedition, which took place in 1933. This was one of many Arctic expeditions for Captain R.A. Bartlett with his schooner, "Morrissey". Some of the photos are dated from 1922 and 1927. The following places can be found in the album: Barrow River; Labrador; Fury and Hecla Straits; Unalaska, Alaska; Inuit cliff village; Melville Peninsula; Hudson Strait; Bering Strait; Herschel Island settlement. The following events can be found in the album: service over grave of J. Pringle by expedition members; Mrs. C.T. Pedersen visiting explorer Stefansson's camp, Cape Kellet; hunting Arctic Bowhead whales; hoisting dead walrus on deck (1927); drying whalebone on deck; restoring grave of J. Pringle; wreath dropping ceremony in memory of Henry Hudson aboard R.M.S. Nascopie (group shot); polar bears swimming; stripping whale of blubber; polar bear cubs in cage on deck. The following objects can be found in the album: waterfalls of Barrow River; grave of James Pringle of H.B.M. Hecla; Arctic Circle millinery; Inuit skin boat; M.S. Patterson; museum exhibit artifacts (see explanation); rubber boat; Morrissey, schooner; M.S. Herman, schooner; damaged and wrecked ships; warehouses; R.M.S. Nascopie. The following animals can be found in the album: swan; walruses; polar bears; stuffed animals in museum exhibit; whale (dead). The following people can be found in the album: Inuit; Pingitakalik Natives (head shots); government officials; governor and officials of H.B.Co.; Captain Roald Amundsen (1922); expedition crew; Jack Angle, McGill student; Norcross; R.A. Bartlett; Captain and Mrs. C.T. Pedersen; Mrs. William Duval. Print 60-1933-Norcott-Bartlett Expedition is missing "Morrissey in Hudson Strait".

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90: Open
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1974-366 NPC

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Copyright expired.

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Physical condition note
The cover of the album is tearing. Cleaning is required for print 11-1933-N.B.E. There should be interleaving. Some photos are loose in their tabs.

Custodial history
This album was originally part of accession 1974-366, which had been integrated into 1973-357. It has since been separated back into the two individual accessions of 1973-357 and 1974-366.

Reproduction note
None of the images have been copied.

Location of originals note
Gatineau Preservation Centre. Container 2195, barcode 2000773094.


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1974-366 NPC