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Central registry files of Land Engineering Test Establishment [textual record]. 



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1.5 m of textual records.
Textual records
32: Restricted by law
from 1 to 5
32: Restricted by law
Former archival reference no.
BAN no.
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94-1019 OFRC
Record disposition authority no.

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Copyright belongs to the Crown. Credit the Library and Archives of Canada.

Textual records The finding aid's file level descriptions can be accessed through the "consists of" field in the MIKAN record. A paper copy is also available in the Reference room. The finding aid (formerly 24-694) is an unverified list consisting of box number, file number, part number, title and approximate outside dates. 24-178 90 (Electronic)

Additional information

The records in this accession were created at the Land Engineering Test establishment, Ottawa. These records document construction and maintenance, plans operations and readiness; establishments and manpower requirements; organization and administration; accidents and safety; historical matters; standardization; magnetic compatibility; the LLAD reference system; the Militia Light Armoured Vehicle (MILLLAV); the Light Support Vehicle Wheeled (LSVW), the Medium Logistic Vehicle Wheeled (MLVW), armoured personnel carriers; the NATO - AC225 Panel II Working Group of Experts (WGE3) automotive test procedures; taskings; the Lynx replacement project; vehicles; lubricants, oils and waxes; vehicle test standards; vehicle mobility computer simulation; weapons; the Bison vehicle; the Leopard family of vehicles; the AVGP family of vehicles; rationalization and consolidation of DND field units; research and development; the Heavy Logistic Vehicle Wheeled (HLVW); the ILTIS vehicle; trucks and truck tractors special dynamometer; ammunition and explosives; the Canada-US Test and Evaluation Program (CANUSTEP); and equipment and supplies research and development.