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Indian Chiefs Medal, Presented to commemorate Treaty Numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (Queen Victoria)  





Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

1 medal / médaille : silver ;
Inventory no.: 200535

Scope and content

Medal presented to Indian chiefs to commemorate Treaty Numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Year digit would be added following inscribed: "187"
Treaty digit would be added following inscribed "INDIAN TREATY NO"
This medal also used to replace the medal that had been struck as a replacement medal to commemorate Treaty 1 and Treaty 2. The original Treaty 1 and 2 medals had been deemed unsuitable and inferior, and the first replacement medals, which were silver plated, were also unsatisfactory as the plating quickly wore off. For examples of the original Treaty 1 and Treaty 2 medals, see 1986-79-1633, 1986-79-1635, and 1986-79-1636. For examples of the first replacement medals for Treaty 1 and Treaty 2, see 1986-79-1637 and 1986-79-1645.
For related wax impression see 1950-2-2M and 1950-2-3M. For related medal see 1964-1-1M

90: Open
Physical access through an art archivist
. No restrictions on use for reproduction or publication
Copy negative C-003401
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Microfiche erse
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Other accession no.
1986-079 X PIC

Terms of use

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1986-79-1638
Copyright: Expired

Additional information

Exhibitions note
Exhibition title: Spirit and Intent: Understanding the voices, values & visions behind Canada's Aboriginal Treaties. Curators: Dr. John Borrows and Dr. J.R. Miller, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 2007.09.24 - 2008.04.06.

Signatures and inscriptions
Inscription: obverse: [Head of Queen Victoria with diadem and veil, head to the left, with necklet of pearls around neck, from which is suspended locket with portrait of Prince Consort] inscribed: VICTORIA REGINA ; below truncation: J. S. & A. B. WYON
Inscription: reverse: [Staff Officer and Native leader shaking hands] ; inscribed in the exergue: J. S. & A. B. WYON ; on surrounding band t.: INDIAN TREATY N[^o] [blank] 187 [blank]
Inscription: edge: no inscription
Inscription: attachment: no attachment

Subject heading

1. portrait event.
2. Indian.


Other system control no.