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Kaktoo and family in front of their tupiq [Qaktu and his wife, Oolayoo. The girl on the far right is probably Oopikjuya (Rhoda) Allooloo.]  




Craig Harbour, N.W.T. [Nunavut]

Place of creation


Graphic (photo)
90: Open
Item no. (creator)
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
C 0095
90: Open
Other accession no.
1980-069 NPC

Terms of use

Credit: William H. Grant / Library and Archives Canada / e002282903
Restrictions on use: NIL
Copyright: Expired

Additional name(s)

Photographer: Grant, William Harold.
Depicted: Qaktu.
Depicted: Oolayoo.
Depicted: Allooloo, Oopikjuya .

Additional information

Arctic Expedition commanded by J.D. Craig and Capt. J.E. Bernier, 1922

Title of the photograph in square brackets is based on information provided by Project Naming. This project brings Youth and Elders in Nunavut to work together to identify and record the names of people in photographs held at Library and Archives Canada.


Qaktu was recruited as a Special Constable by the R.C.M.P. He and his family were moved to Craig Harbour on Ellesmere Island after an R.C.M.P. detachment was established for sovereignty purposes in 1922. The ship that was supposed to return the following summer never arrived. The following winter the family returned to Pond Inlet on north Baffin Island. Qaktu, Oolayoo and Oopikjuya Allooloo made it back safely, but the two boys in this photo did not survive the trip.

Series title
Arctic Expedition, 1922

Signatures and inscriptions
Kaktoo and family in front of their 'tupek' at Craig Harbour, Ellesmere Land, N.W.T., 1922.

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