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80 cm of textual records.

Portée et contenu

Fonds consists of eight scrapbooks of clippings, publications, handbills and posters published or distributed in the Netherlands in 1939-1945. Included are items from the occupying army, the liberation armies, the underground press, the government in exile, the Nazi puppet government, etc., many of which are now very rare. This fonds also consists of 13 items in horizontal storage, containers 11 to 23. The items are posters (dates range from before and following the Second World War) primarily regarding Allied and Nazi propaganda.

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90: Ouvert
de 1 À 23
90: Ouvert
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Biographie / Histoire administrative

Kees J. Roozen, restaurateur, was born in 1916 in the Netherlands. His family owned a well-known restaurant in the Hague. He himself learned the restaurant trade in various places, among others in Berlin, where he had on occasion to wait on Hitler in 1936. During the war, Roozen maintained a series of scrapbooks, risking his life by including underground and allied publications as well as wartime memorabilia and nazi propaganda. After the war, Mr. Roozen immigrated to Canada and established himself as a restaurateur in Windsor.

Information additionnelle

Received in 1979, from Kees J. Roozen of Windsor, Ont.


1. Roozen, Kees J., b. 1916
2. World War, 1939-1945 Propaganda
3. Guerre mondiale, 1939-1945
4. Propaganda, German.
5. Propagande allemande.
6. Immigrants Canada


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