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Heinz Warschauer fonds [textual record, graphic material]. 


[ca. 1880]-1980

Lieu de création

Sans lieu, inconnu ou indéterminé

88 cm of textual records.
9925 photographs : 6788 b&w.

Portée et contenu

Fonds consists of the following series of textual records: Personal correspondence, n.d., 1932-1978; Personal papers, n.d., 1946-1979; Holy Blossom Religious school, n.d., 1940-1976; Holy Blossom Temple, n.d., 1938-1979; and Printed material, n.d. 1914-1979. The fonds also contains photographs relating to Heinz Warschauer's youth in Germany, his travels, family and friends; portraits of various school groups; activities at Holy Blossom Religious School and Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto; activities of youth camps including the National Federation of Temple Youth; views in Israel, England, Germany, and Canada, [ca. 1880]-1980.

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Photographs: No restrictions. Various copyright on items less than 50 years old. Copyright expired on items more than 50 years old.

Textual records The finding aid is a file list. A list of transferred photographs is appended. MSS1367 90 (Électronique)

Photographs: See "Photographic inventories, indexes, and caption lists arranged by accession number". MSSFA-500 (Papier)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

Heinz Warschauer, full-time Director of Education of Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, between 1947 and 1976, was born and educated in Berlin, Germany. His university studies were discontinued in 1935 as a result of Nazi racial laws. In his youth, he was a leader in the German-Jewish youth movement in Berlin. He served as a youth representative on the Council of the Centralverein deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen Glaubens, the German-Jewish anti-defamation organization. He wrote several articles published in the Berliner Tageblatt and book reviews for Der Morgen and C-V Zeitung. After a 1936 visit to Palestine he wrote some columns entitled "Juedische Jugend Baut Auf" (Jewish Youth is Building Anew) about Kibbutz life and German-Jewish immigrant youth in Palestine.

From 1936 until 1939, Heinz Warshauer taught at Judische Anlernwekstatt, a vocational school for Jewish teenagers in Frankfurt am Main. He was interned at Buchenwald, a Nazi concentration camp, following Kristallnacht ("Crystal Night") in November 1938. In 1939 he entered England as an agricultural trainee and served as superintendent of a Youth Aliyah Training Camp near Ashford, Kent. Howewer, as a refugee in Great Britain he was sent to the internment camp at Sherbrooke, Que. in 1940. Upon his release from internment in 1942 he pursued studies in modern history, M.A. and social work, B.S.W. at the University of Toronto.

Heinz Warschauer's major contributions to Jewish education were in curriculum development, in the use of Group Work methods in the co-curricular activities of the Religious School and in the Adult Education programme. He was the first Canadian elected President of the National Association of Temple Educators, 1960, and a member of the Reform movements Commission on Jewish Education from 1967 to 1976. He served on the faculty of the National Leadership Institutes of National Federation of Temple youth (N.F.T.Y.) for eight years and was awarded an Honorary Life Membership in 1971. Following his retirement in 1976, Mr. Warschauer continued his life-long interest in Middle East affairs and had numerous speaking engagements.

Information additionnelle

Received in 1982 from the executors of his estate.


1. Jewish educators - Canada, 1932-1979 Magazine Employee Guild, 1932-1978.
2. Jews - Education - Canada, 1932-1979 Holy Blossom Temple (Toronto, Ont.), 1938-1979.
3. Jews - Education - Germany, 1932-1979 Holy Blossom Religious School (Toronto, Ont.), 1940-1976.
4. Jewish day school - Canada, 1940-1979 Bora Laskin, 1940-1976.
5. Heinz Warschauer - Finances, Personal, 1932-1978 "The History of Holy Blossom Temple", 1938-1979.
6. Toronto (Ont.) - Schools, 1946-1979 W. Gunther Plant, 1947-1977.
7. Holy Blossom Religious School (Toronto, Ont.) - Curriculum planning, 1940-1976 "The History of the Jews of Toronto", 1914.
8. Medical records - Germany, 1940-1942 Canadian Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly (Montreal, Quebec), 1977.
9. Jews - World War II - Internment in Canada, 1940-1942 Adolf Hitler, [1920-1944]
10. Concentration Camps - Canada, 1940-1942 Munich Olympics, 1972.
11. Terrorism - Germany, 1972.
12. Middle East - Politics and government, 1970-1979.
13. National Socialism - Germany, [1920-1944]
14. Heinz Warschauer - Manuscripts, 1938-1979.


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