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Treaty of peace and friendship between Sir William Johnson and the Hurons of the Detroit [textual record]. 



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Item is the treaty of peace and friendship concluded between Sir William Johnson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Northern Department (of North America), and four chiefs representing the Hurons of the Detroit which was signed at Niagara on 18 July 1764.

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The hunting grounds of the Huron nation were widely scattered in the Great Lakes region. Following the Seven Years' War and Pontiac's uprising in 1763, the Hurons of the Detroit (residing on both sides of the St Clair River) were among the nations invited to re-establish peaceful relations with the British Crown. The negotiations were carried out in a series of councils conducted by Sir William Johnson in the summer of 1764.

Information additionnelle

Three quarters of the first two pages of this treaty have not survived. However, the full text was reproduced on many occasions.

Documents reliés
The printed text found in the Sir William Johnson Papers (vol. 1V, pp 484-487) and Documents relating to the Colonial History of New York (vol. V11, pp 650-651) was taken from the original retained by Sir William (preserved with his papers at Albany), as were the certified copies in the minutes of the peace councils (now RG 10, vol. 1825, pp 135-139) and with despatches sent to the Secretary of State in London (available on microfilm in MG 11, CO 5/83, pp 375-378 on reel B-2963; and CO 323/18, pp 125-128 on reel B-3499; and in MG 21, Add. MSS 35910, ff 231-232v).

Note sur les autres formats physiques disponibles
The signature panel and Sir William's seal have been photographed (negatives C-135291 and C-135294, respectively).

Note sur les expositions
Exhibition title: Spirit and Intent: Understanding the voices, values & visions behind Canada's Aboriginal Treaties. Curators: Dr. John Borrows and Dr. J.R. Miller, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 2007.09.24 - 2008.04.06.


1. Indians of North America - Treaties, 1764 Sir William Johnson, 1764.
2. Indians of North America - Detroit, 1764 Aiughquanooron, 1764.
3. Huron Indians, 1764 Chohahagayton, 1764.
4. Ariughtatehade, 1764.
5. Tyyaghtah, 1764.


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