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Frank Benbow Fox fonds [textual record (chiefly electronic), graphic material, object]. 


1914-1959, 1990-1995

Lieu de création

Sans lieu, inconnu ou indéterminé

14 cm of textual records.
2 cm of electronic textual records.
473.538 KB of textual records.
120 photographs : b&w.
26 prints : postcards, lithographs, serigraphs.
3 watercolours : watercolour, gouache.
3 medals : bronze, silver, gold.

Portée et contenu

Fonds consists of material documenting Fox's military service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I, and contains his original wartime diaries with transcripts, correspondence with some transcripts, postcards to family and friends, a recommendation for the New Year's Honours List and a certificate for a Mention in Despatches. Fonds also consists of photographic material which depict events, activities, places, individuals and groups associated with Private Frank B. Fox's service with No. 2 Canadian General Hospital, Le Tréport, France and subsequently as a stretcher-bearer with the 4th Canadian Machine Gun Battalion, France. Also included are postcards which depict the Canadian Hospital at Le Tréport, France, the Provincial Normal College, St. John's Anglican Church, Government Agricultural College and Government Farm all in Truro, Nova Scotia as well as Pine Hill Presbyterian College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also included are greeting, Christmas and St. Valentine's Day cards. Fonds also consists of medals awarded to Private F.B. Fox, C.A.M.C. include the Victory Medal First World War, 1914-1915 Royal Star Medal First World Warmand the 1914-1918 War Medal First World War.
List of Greeting and Postcards: Album G.1 Postcard/greeting card 1990-90-1 A Happy New Year (silkscreen/lithograph) Postcards 1990-90-2 British Général Hospital No. 3 (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-3 Le Camp Anglo-Canadian – Vue Panoramique (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-4 British Camp on ‘Les Terasses' – Camp Anglais sur ‘Les Terasses' Près le Tréport…. (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-5 British Camp on ‘Les Terasses' – Camp Anglais sur ‘Les Terasses' Près le Tréport…. (reproduction, monochrome) Album G.2 Postcards 1990-90-6 214 bis. LE TRÉPORT – Panorama du Domaine des Terasses, du Trianon, du Calvaire et du Cimetière Anglais pris de la route de Dieppe (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-7 LE TRÉPORT – Panorama pris du Funiculaire des Terasses (reproduction, monochrome) (1990-90-6 & 7 remain in Album G.2) Album G.3 Greeting Cards 1990-90-8 A Wish made for You (watercolour Christmas card) 1990-90-9 A Joyous Xmas (lithograph Christmas card) 1990-90-10 Season's Greetings (watercolour? Christimas card) 1990-90-11 With all good wishes for your happiness…(lithograph with watercolour Christmas card) 1990-90-12 Be my Valentine (lithograph Valentine Card) Postcards 1990-90-13 Provincial Norma College, Truro, N.S. (colour reproduction) 1990-90-14 St John's Anglican Church, Truro, N.S. (colour reproduction) 1990-90-15 Cemetery Levors [?] (reproduction monochrome) 1990-90-16 Camp Anglo – Canadian Hospital (reproduction postcard) Album G.4 Postcards 1990-90-17 Le Tréport – La Gare – Arrivée d'un Train sanitaire Anglais (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-18 British Camp on ‘Les Terasses' – Camp Anglais sur ‘Les Terasses' Près le Tréport…. (reproduction, monochrome) (1990-90-17 & 18 remain in Album G.4) Album G.5 Greeting Cards 1990-90-19 Recevez mes Souhaits pour Noel (celluloid Christmas card) 1990-90-20 No.2 Canadian General Hospital Christmas 1916, Normandy – 1915- 1916 – 1917 (lithograph Christmas card) Postcards 1990-90-21 Le Camp Anglo – Canadian (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-22 Le Camp Anglo – Canadian Ang. No. 3 (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-23 British General Hospital No. 3 (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-24 British General Hospital No. 3 (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-25 British General Hospital No. 3 (reproduction, monochrome) 1990-90-26 British Camp … Camp Anglais (reproduction, monochrome) Album G.6 Postcards 1990-90-27 Government Farm, Truro, N.S. (colour reproduction) 1990-90-28 Government Agricultural College, Truro, N.S. (colour reproduction) 1990-90-29 Pine Hill Presbyterian College, Halifax, N.S. (colour reproduction)

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Modalités d'utilisation

Photographs: no restrictions on use or reproduction. Copyright: expired. Credit: Name of photographer / National Archives of Canada / Copy negative number.
Medals, prints, watercolours: no restrictions on use or reproduction. Copyright: expired. Crown copyright on reproductions.

Medals: medal inventory cards 14564, 14565, 14566. 90 (Papier)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

Frank Benbow Fox, soldier, was born in 1890 at Valley Station, Nova Scotia, the son of David Fox and Adeline Ferguson. He graduated from Colchester Academy in 1910 and entered Pine Hill Presbyterian College in Halifax in 1913. When the First World War broke out in 1914, he wanted to serve his country but had a very strong aversion to carrying arms. He therefore enlisted with a hospital unit in January 1915, and went to France the next month. After serving some time in the Canadian Hospital in La Tréport he became a stretcher bearer on the front lines for the 4th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps. He was mentioned in despatches.

After the war Fox took further theological training in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Halifax. He was ordained by the Presbytery of Saint John in 1920 and subsequently taught at a number of schools in Manitoba until 1945. During the Second World War he was active in YMCA work. At the close of the War he accepted a position in the Library of Parliament and worked there until his retirement in 1958. Fox died in 1965 and was buried in the family cemetery at Valley Station.

Information additionnelle

Received in 1995 from Frank Emmerson of Ottawa, Ont.

Note de reproduction
Transcribed in 1990 and 1995.


1. Fox, Frank Benbow, 1890-1965
2. Canada. Canadian Army. Canadian Expeditionary Force
3. Canada Armée canadienne. Corps expéditionnaire canadien
4. Canada. Armée canadienne. Corps expéditionnaire canadien
5. Guerre mondiale, 1914-1918 Récits personnels canadiens.
6. World War, 1914-1918


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