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Series consists of assisted passage records in three different sub-series: prefixed AP (Assisted Passage) case files, W (Warrant) case files, and TL (Transportation Loan) case files. Since the late 19th century the federal government has underwritten various schemes to assist immigrants to travel to and settle in Canada. These consisted mainly of indirect aid until the middle of the 20th century - for example, commissions or "bonuses" to booking agents; land grants or financial aid to global or block settlement schemes; and subsidies to transportation companies carrying bona fide immigrants. Federal monetary loans directly to the individual immigrant may have been instituted much earlier than 1952, but were not explicitly authorized by the Immigration Act until that year (R.S.C. 1952, c.325, s.69). Under this clause the Minister of Finance was empowered to advance public funds "to make loans to immigrants in respect of the costs of their transportation to Canada, transportation from their port of arrival to their place of destination in Canada, and their reasonable living expenses en route from the place whence they came to the place of destination in Canada". A very similar provision remains in effect today (S.C. 1976-77, c.52, ss. 115(1)(t) and 121). Special regulations to govern and give effect to these clauses have been passed from time to time (e.g. O.C.P.C. 1953-860 of 26 May 1953; OCPC 1954-1352 of 17 September 1954; et seq). These are apparently now merged into the general "Immigration Regulations", such as those of 1978 (SOR/78- 172, as amended).

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