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13.2 m of textual records.

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Series consists of central registry files created and maintained by the Government Finance Division. The files relate to the financial operations of various crown corporations such as Canadian Centennial Celebrations; Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition; Porter Commission, Air Canada, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.; the National Film Board; C.B.C. and Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Also included are files concerning the Financial Administration Act, financial institutions, Olympic organization committee and the New York Loan (1949). Some of the records are a part of the Capital Markets Division of the former Economic Analysis, Fiscal Policy and International Finance Branch.

Documents textuels
96: Restrictions varient
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
96: Restrictions varient
de 4815 À 4826
de 4828 À 4830
de 4832 À 4840
de 5117 À 5123
de 5302 À 5304
32: Restreint selon la loi
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Copyright belongs to the Crown.

Textual records The finding aid is a computerized and typed list. Mikan 19-31 90 (Électronique)

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Biographie / Histoire administrative

The Government Finance Division's responsibilities relate to financial operations and advice on policy formulation concerning loans investments and guarantees by the government. These functions arise from direct responsibilities which the Minister holds under various statutes, particularly the Financial Administration Act. RG19 General Inventory

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Title is based on the contents of the series.

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4. 1981-82/079 GAD
5. 1984-85/525 GAD
6. 1994-95/439 GAD
7. 1995-96/589 GAD
8. 1995-96/590 GAD
9. 77-219 OFRC
10. 95-1117 OFRC
11. 122-000439-1
12. 123-000589-7
13. 123-000590-0
14. 2000-01476-3
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16. RG19-F-2-a-i
17. RG19-F-2-a-ii
18. RG19-F-2-d-iii