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Series consist of a number of registry files (series no. 184) dealing with the Foreign Exchange Control Board. Also included are copies of weekly financial statements of the Special Exchange Fund which were sent regularly to the Minister of Finance by the Chairman of the Board. These records have become a part of the Department of Finance fonds because of the department's role as a central agency whose terms of reference extend to financial matters across all government activities.

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32: Restreint selon la loi
de 3998 À 3999
90: Ouvert
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Textual records The finding aid consist of volume number, title and outside dates. 19-162 90 (Papier)

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At the beginning of the Second World War, the Foreign Exchange Control Board was established to centralize transactions in foreign moneys. In order to fund the war effort, foreign money was rationed to ensure that the government would be able to pay for imports from the United States. This system of rationing survived until 1951 when the Foreign Exchange Control Board was disbanded. RG19 General Inventory

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