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8 photographs.

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Collection consists of photos showing prisoners of war walking inside wired fences of Red Rock Internment Camp, Ontario (Camp R); the barracks, a tunnel made by the internees, some of the guardians of the camp and a photo of private Charles Stanley Gallop with his dog.

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Charles Stanley Gallop was born in England at Isle of Wright in 1891. He enlisted in the First World War in 1915 at North Battleford, Saskatchewan, 9th C.M.R. Unit. He was discharged in 1918. He enlisted at Dundurn Camp in 1940 as Veterans Guard of Canada. He moved to Red Rock internment Camp in March 30th, 1941 where he would remain until May 5th, 1941. He died at Battleford, Sask. in 1942. DND Personal Files, Army Forces, WW I and WW II.

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Title based on name of collector.

Documents reliés
In the photo accession 1975-292 for the DND Directorate of Internment Operations: Camp R (Vol. 11249), envelope 22 contains photos related to Red Rock Internment Camp.


1. Gallop, Charles Stanley, 1891-1942
2. Prisoners of war Ontario Red Rock
3. Concentration camps Ontario Red Rock
4. Camps de concentration Ontario Red Rock


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1. 1998-0784 VSA
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