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Information and Identification Services [textual record (microform)]. 



Lieu de création


5517 microfiche negative, silver halide 12 x 17 cm

Portée et contenu

Series consists of criminal history files, IDENT kits, and fingerprint files used to identify individuals with criminal records. Some files contain correspondence.

Documents textuels: microformes
32: Restreint selon la loi
de 8149 À 8160
de 8683 À 8686
32: Restreint selon la loi
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Modalités d'utilisation

Copyright belongs to the Crown.

Textual records 18-38 2 2 (Microforme)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

The Information and Identification Services program is dedicated to maintaining, managing and disseminating shared police information on behalf of the Canadian Law Enforcement Community and other accredited Canadian and international agencies. These support services include the automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS), the Canadian Firearms Registry (CFR), the Missing Children's Registry (MCR) and including a Forensic Identification and photographic service. The prime service line objective is to sustain a national leadership role in the development and implementation of the most efficient information technologies that support criminal justice initiatives in the prevention, detection and suppression of crime. This is accomplished through promoting national networking and cohesiveness within the field of Canadian police information systems and applied technologies. InfoSource

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Source du titre
Title is based on the contents of the series.


No de contrôl reliés

1. 91/015
2. 1994-95/322 GAD
3. 122-000322-0
4. RG18-F-5