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General registers of Chinese immigration [textual record]. 



Lieu de création

Sans lieu, inconnu ou indéterminé

3.60 m of textual records

Portée et contenu

Sub-series consists of eighteen general registers of Chinese immigration or "Chinese General Registers" was created at the headquarters of the Chinese Immigration service in Ottawa. In theory these list all immigrants of Chinese ancestry arriving in Canada, 1885-1949. There are some entries for residents whose arrivals in Canada date from as early as 1860. Volumes 694-703 (reels C-9510 to C-9513) are the first ten registers, covering the years 1885-1903 and volumes 1061-1068 (reels T-3484 to T-3486) are registers eleven to eighteen, covering the years 1903-1949. The names in the registers are arranged numerically by Ottawa "serial number" and declaration number - hence, in very rough chronological order by the date the notice of the immigrant's arrival was submitted to Ottawa. Each entry gives the following information: individual's name; port, place and date of registration; number and date of issue of any C.I.5, C.I.6, C.I.28 and C.I.36 certificates granted; amount of head tax paid; sex, age and identifying physical characteristics; occupation; city, village and province of birth in China and last place of domicile; and the port and date of arrival and name of ship on which the immigrant arrived.

Documents textuels
Bobine de microfilm T-3486
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
Bobine de microfilm C-9512
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
Bobine de microfilm T-3484
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
Bobine de microfilm C-9510
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
Bobine de microfilm T-3485
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
Bobine de microfilm C-9511
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
Bobine de microfilm C-9513
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
90: Ouvert
de 694 À 703
de 1061 À 1068
90: Ouvert
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Modalités d'utilisation

Copyright belongs to the Crown. In order to protect the fragile originals, when possible the microfilm copies of these records must be consulted rather than the originals.

Finding Aid 76-45 is a typed list of the registers, providing microfilm reel number, RG76 volume number, original register number, and the range of serial numbers and dates of registration in each volume. 76-45 (Papier)

Information additionnelle

Source du titre
Title is based on the contents of the sub-series.

Versements complémentaires
No further accruals are expected.

Documents reliés
There is no direct nominal index to the registers themselves; however, any available C.I. certificates or relevant case files may allow the tracing of particular names, and the case file indexes in RG76-D-2-j may be used for families arriving in the later period.

Note sur les autres formats physiques disponibles
Microfilmed copies of volumes 694-703 are available on reels C-9510 to C-9513 and copies of volumes 1061-1068 are on reels T-3484 to T-3486.

Note sur les expositions
Exhibition Title: Treasured Memories 4. Curator: Michel Anne Crawley, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 2000.03.22-2000.12. (RG 76 V. 694 # 2426)