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Vancouver ledger of exempt admissions [textual record]. 



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Sub-series consists of a bound loose-leaf register of monthly tabular reports for the port of Vancouver, listing Chinese persons admitted as immigrants to Canada through the port who were exempted from payment of the head tax under the Chinese Immigration Act, 1914-1930. The reports were submitted by local port officials, January 1914 to January 1924 only. Some sheets bear original signatures of the Controllers of Chinese Immigration (Malcolm Reid, April 1914; A.W. Jolliffe, March 1915 to November 1922). The ledger appears to be a handwritten or carbon typescript copy of unlocated originals. Most of these people claimed exemption as "merchants" (both independent traders and members of partnerships or companies) or their dependents, but some claimed exemption as school teachers, other school staff, students, clergymen, diplomats and their servants, and ordinary Chinese Canadians who had overstayed their legal leave period while on trips outside Canada under the out-registration (C.I.9) rules. In the ledgers, each monthly sheet or sheets list persons accepted for immigration free of obligation to pay head tax, giving reasons for exemption in each case. Each entry states the individual's name, or the name of the company which applied for exemption on his/her behalf; the number of partners in the firm (including names of all individual partners up to December 1919); the date the firm was registered; place of business; names and numbers of dependents if any; the persons' C.I.4 and C.I.30 certificate numbers and dates of admission; and the port's file number.

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