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Concordia University fonds [sound recording, moving images, and textual record] 



Lieu de création


ca. 219 audio reels (ca. 159 h).
11 audio discs (3 h, 57 min, 42 s).
1 audio cassette (ca. 1 h).
2 videocassettes (1 h, 59 min).
24 cm of textual records.

Portée et contenu

Fonds consists of oral history interviews conducted by the Concordia University Oral History Program. Subjects include: the Dutch in Québec; the Montreal Chinese community; Hugh Isley, Architect; and Anne Savege/Arthur Lismer. Also included are oral history interviews on subjects including war work, both paid and voluntary, performed by women in munitions plants, aircraft plants, as nurses in the Medical Corps and voluntary work in the trade union movement, the Redm ross and prisoner of war associations; and oral history interviews with a teacher and the co-founders and directors of the Montreal Children's Theatre School. Fonds also consists of CBC radio dramas, some broadcast on the national English network and some transmitted only on themCBC in the Quebec region. Included are dramatizations of stories by Roch Carrier, dramas in the series Maisonneuve; O'Hara coming of age; The urchin; and District 58. In addition, sound recordings document a tribute to the playwright Eugene O'Neill, and radio dramas about Canadian trials and other subjects. Transcripts of the sound material are available under textual records in Vol. 1-2. Also included in fonds are video recordings documenting a class of the Montreal Children's Theatre School; and a dress rehearsal of a production performed by students of the Montreal Children's Theatre School.

Documents sonores
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Images en mouvement (vidéo)
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Documents textuels
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Documents textuels
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Sound recording: Reproduction with written permission of copyright owner. No donor restrictions.
Moving images: Reproduction with written permission of copyright owner. No donor restrictions.

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Biographie / Histoire administrative

Concordia University is a large, urban university, located in Montreal, Quebec. Concordia was founded in 1974 as the result of a merger between Sir George Williams University and Loyola College. The name of the University is taken from the motto of the City of Montréal, "Concordia Salus". Concordia University internet site (consulted May 16, 1999).

Information additionnelle

Material was acquired between 1985 and 1989 from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.


1. Concordia University. Oral History Program.
2. Université Concordia. Oral History Program.
3. Oral history Québec (Province) Montréal Metropolitan Area.
4. Histoire orale Québec (Province) Montréal, Agglomération de.


No de contrôl reliés

1. 1985-0126 MISA
2. 1986-0042 MISA
3. 1989-0469 MISA
4. 1990-0415 MISA
5. 1990-0416 MISA
6. 118-060202-1
7. 118-060203-X