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[ca. 1920]-1958

Lieu de création


ca. 2,044 film reels.

Portée et contenu

Series consists of films produced by Associated Screen News Ltd. and by other filmmakers from the post World War I period to the 1950s. Titles include: Back in '22, Back in '23, Canada's Capital on Skis, Canadian Headlines of 1951, Fish and Medicine Men, Forward Canada, Highlights from the Parliamentary Life of Mackenzie King, L'hirondelle, Home of the Buffalo, the Inauguration of the Royal York Hotel, Kawartha Muskeys, Martin La Grande Barbe, Point of Honour, Rhapsody in Two Languages, the St. Laurent Story, Saving the Sagas, Trinity House, Frenchy Belanger vs Ernie Jarvies, Tobique Secrets, Nos. 1 to 5 of the Did You Know That? series, Grey Owl's Strange Guests, and Le Vagabond/en Roulant Ma Boule. Also included in series are documentaries, commercially sponsored films, tourism films, World War II propaganda films, and several series including the Canadian Cameos series which ran from 1932 to 1955; and the travelogue series' Kinegram Travelogues, and Screenograms. The documentaries cover a wide variety of topics including agriculture, industry, transportation, and construction in peace and war times. The sciences are considered, as well as medicine, education, and leisure occupations such as graphics and performing arts, sports and travel. Events in politics, foreign relations, war, disasters, and civil defence are covered. Native peoples and ethnic groups are the subjects of many documentaries, while, in other areas, expositions, expeditions, and visits by royalty and famous people are recorded.

Images en mouvement (film)
90: Ouvert
No de référence archivistique
Autre no d'acquisition
1957-0001 MISA
1973-0127 VSA
1976-0291 VSA

Modalités d'utilisation

Moving images: Various copyrights exist. Reproduction requires written permission of copyright owner. Associated Screen News copyright resides with Bellevue Pathé, which may also be known as Astral Bellevue Pathe Lte., and all requests for reproducing ASN material should be made to them. Copyright on some material has been transferred to the National Archives of Canada. See Appendix A of the 1998 Deed of Gift for titles.

Moving images Refer to MINISIS for item-level descriptions. (Électronique)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

Associated Screen News Limited (ASN), a Canadian film production company and laboratory, was created in 1920 as Associated Screen News of Canada, a subsidiary of the New York company Associated Screen News. The Canadian Pacific Railway provided the new company with start-up funds. Bernard E. "Ben" Norrish was the first manager of the Canadian subsidiary, headquartered in Montreal. He became managing director in 1926, was named president and managing director in 1940, and retired in 1953. When the parent company ran into financial problems, the CPR took over the company in 1924 and closed the New York operation down. Associated Screen News Limited received its federal charter in 1926. A major part of ASN's business was the filming of Canadian newsreels stories for the major international newsreel companies. ASN also made travelogues, theatrical trailers and sponsored industrial films. Its laboratory processed and printed its own films and films made by others. The printing of American and other foreign-made feature films and newsreels for distribution to Canadian theatres was a lucrative part of ASN's lab operation, customs regulations making it cheaper for foreign producers and distributors to ship negatives to Canada rather than positive prints. ASN also operated a still photography section and portrait studio. In the 1930s, ASN added equipment for the manufacture of sound film and the first permanent sound stage in Canada. In 1932, ASN began making its long-running series of short entertainment films, the Canadian Cameos. In 1946, ASN created the Benograph division to handle retail distribution of photographic supplies and equipment as well as 16mm films. In 1954, Paul Nathanson, president of Sovereign Film Distributors and vice-president of Empire-Universal Films Limited, and Montreal real estate developer Maxwell Cummings acquired the company. Cummings became president. Under the new owners, ASN began to put more emphasis on its motion picture laboratory. It closed down its still photography department. In 1956 it created a separate television program and television commercial production department. In 1957, ASN closed down its production and art departments. In January 1958, Du Art Film Laboratories of New York completed the purchase of ASN and turned it into Associated Screen Industries Limited. Two Men and a Movie Camera, Canadian Film Weekly, December 23, 1942, p. 8 and p. 21.

Screen News Enters Its Eighth Year of Progress, in Canadian Moving Picture Digest, December 24, 1927, Volume 19, Number 34, p. 37

Today's Pioneers, Tomorrow's Innovators, in Astral Bellevue Pathé Inc., n.d.

Information additionnelle

Material in accession 1973-0127 was deeded to the National Archives of Canada in 1973 by a successor company to part of Astral Bellevue Pathe, Astraltech (now Astral Media), located in Montreal, Quebec.

Historique de la conservation
Material in accession 1957-0001 was part of the Canadian Film Institute's (CFI) Canadian Film Archive transfer to MISA on 12 May, 1975. The collection name and accession number represent the original donor/deposit date witht he CFI.

Note sur le classement
Series consists of all material in 1957-0001 (VSA), productions accessioned under 1973-0127 (VSA) and 1976-0291 (VSA) that pre-date 1958, and all Associated Screen News productions accessioned as Bellevue-Pathe.


No de contrôl reliés

1. 1957-0001 MISA
2. 1973-0127 MISA
3. 1976-0291 MISA
4. 100-060003-3
5. 104-060008-5