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Description trouvée dans les archives

Onigoheriago (baptized John). Named Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row, King of the Generethgarich  



Lieu de création


1 painting : oil on canvas ; 91.5 x 64.5 cm (support).
Support : 64.300 x 91.500 cm
Clicherie : cm
No d'inventaire : op0128

Portée et contenu

Item is a portrait of Onigoheriago (baptized John) by John Verelst.

Documents iconographiques (art)
90: Ouvert
Protective supervision is required durin
g consultation.
Documents iconographiques (art)
Négatif de copie C-092417
90: Ouvert
Documents iconographiques (art)
90: Ouvert
OP-0128 No de pièce attribué par BAC 3
90: Ouvert
Autre no d'acquisition
1977-035 PIC

Modalités d'utilisation

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1977-35-3 Acquired with a special grant from the Canadian Government in 1977.
Copyright: Expired
Restrictions on use: None

Nom(s) additionnel(s)

Information additionnelle

Historique de la conservation
Commissioned for the court of Queen Anne, the paintings appear to have passed from the Royal Collection into the collection of the Petre family of Kent sometime in the 1830s, and thence continued by family descent to the vendor.

Note sur les documents d'accompagnement
aJuly 1977 - the work is in an 18th century period frame.

Note sur les autres formats physiques disponibles
Colour transparency available

Note sur les expositions
Exhibition title: The Four Indian Kings. Curators: Martha E. Cooke, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 1977.10.16 - 1977.11.20.
Exhibition title: People of the Great Peace. Curators: Albany Institute of Art and History, Albany, New York; 1981.10.30 - 1982.04.23.
Exhibition title: The Convenant Chain- Indian Ceremonial and Trade Silver and the Four Indian Kings. Curators: McCord Museum, Montreal, Quebec; 1982.10.25 - 1983.03.20.
Exhibition title: The Painted Past. Curators: Staff of the National Archives, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 1984.10.02 - 1984.10.31. Further venue: Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Colombia;1987.04.10 - 1987.06.07.
Further venue: McCord Museum, Montreal, Quebec; 1987.07.08 - 1988.01.03.
Further venue: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia; 1989.06.01 - 1989.07.11.
Exhibition Title: Living Words: Aboriginal Diplomats of the Eighteenth Century. Curator: Moira McCaffrey, McCord Museum, Montréal, Québec; 2001.05.04-2001.09.21.
Exhibition title: Between Worlds : Voyagers to Britain 1700-1850. Curators: National Portrait Gallery, London, United Kingdom; 2007.03.08 - 2007.06.17.
Exhibition title: Four Indian Kings. Curators : Portrait Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives Canada; Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC; 2008.09.12 - 2009.01.25
Exhibition title: The "Four Indian Kings" : War and Diplomacy in 1710. Curator : Stéphane Roy, Portrait Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives Canada; Canadian Museum of Civilization 2010.06.10 - 2010.09.06.
Exhibition title: Crossing Paths: The "Four Indian Kings" and the work of Jeff Thomas and Shelley Niro. Curators : Stéphane Roy and Carolyn Cook, Portrait Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives Canada; Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, Ontario 2010.10.08 - 2010.12.24.
Exhibition title: Rising to the Occasion: The Long 18th Century. Curators: Ihor Holubizky, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario; 2011.09.02 - 2011.11.05.
Exhibition title: On the Trails of The Iroquois. Curators: Henriette Pleiger, Art & Exhibition Hall, Bonn, Germany; 2013.03.22 – 2013.08.04 Further venue: Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Germany; 2013.10.18 – 2014.01.06

Signatures et inscriptions
Inscribed. Signed. Dated.
Inscription: Inscribed recto: in brushpoint l.r. "Ho Nee Yeath Ton No Row. King of the / Generethgarich - 1710

aJuly 1977 - the painting received treatment in P.A.C. conservation section.


1. Aboriginal.
2. SUBJ. - Aboriginal : Portrait - Ho Nee Yeath Ton No Row A N.A. Indian King of Ganajahhore Nations.
3. Indian.


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