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1 painting / peinture : monochrome oil on commercial board
Support : 38.300 x 27.300 cm (sheet)
Support secondaire : 38.300 cm

Portée et contenu

This work was probably done in 1887 in addition to several other West Coast landscapes that Edward Roper finished during his travels to the west coast by rail.

Documents iconographiques (art)
90: Ouvert
Physical access restricted. No restricti
ons on use for reproduction or publication
Documents iconographiques (art)
90: Ouvert
2000790682 No de pièce attribué par BAC 112
90: Ouvert
Autre no d'acquisition
1989-176 DAP

Modalités d'utilisation

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1989-176-112
Copyright: Expired

Nom(s) additionnel(s)

Information additionnelle

Signatures et inscriptions
Inscription: in brush and white paint, recto, l.r., on the support: ER [in monogram] oper.; in pen and blue ink, verso, c., : In a Canadian Pacific Coast Forest./ on one of the inlets from Burrard Inlet on which the/ City of Vancouver is situated./ Showing the immense Douglas Firs & Giant Cedars, & the method/ of felling them. with the ferns, hanging mosses & lichen covered/ dead branches. It was just such closely timbered forest as this/ upon which the city is built, & is now spreading.; l.c.: Edward Roper,/ Lincoln Lodge,/ Grange Road,/ Lewes.; in pen and brown ink, verso, c.l.: 22 [circled in brown ink]; in pencil, verso, c.l., : [symbol for British Pound] 2.2.0; stamped in blue ink, verso, l.l., : * A.M. BURGHES */ 34, PATERNOSTER ROW, LONDON


1. landscape.
2. paysage.


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