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Chief Village of Clathiltsuquitla Tribe, Newitty, Vancouver Island. 

Lieu de création

Sans lieu, inconnu ou indéterminé

1 watercolour / aquarelle : brown wash over pencil with opaque white and yellow on wove paper mounted on cardboard
Support : 33.900 x 24.800 cm (sheet)
Support secondaire : 33.900 x 25.300 cm (secondary support)

Portée et contenu

Depicts an Indian village with lodges, totem poles, canoes, fishing neitems drying, and several natives carrying out their daily business.

Documents iconographiques (art)
99: Fermé pour fins de traitement
no restrictions
Documents iconographiques (art)
99: Fermé pour fins de traitement
2000790681 No de pièce attribué par BAC 118
Limites non établies
Autre no d'acquisition
1989-176 DAP

Modalités d'utilisation

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1989-176-118
Copyright: Expired

Nom(s) additionnel(s)

Information additionnelle

Signatures et inscriptions
Inscription: in brush and brown ink, recto, l.l.: ER [in monogram] oper; Chief (crossed out with pencil) Village of (crossed out with pencil) CLATHILTSUQUITLA TRIBE (crossed out with pencil). NEWITTY./ on the secondary support: NORTH (? partially erased) VANCOUVER Isld ["d" raised and underlined] b.c.; in the image, c.r: BOSTON; in brush and opaque yellow in the image, c.: CHEAP; in pencil, verso, on the secondary support: This is probably a village of the Kwah-Kewith band called Clathiltsuquitla/ (Mohun (?) my authority) - Boston simply means "American" ["American" underlined] as "King George" does English/ The people here have been connected with Whites for many years - the/ word "cheap" on one Ranche &"Boston on other, all the names the/ owners - or family here assumed - They are of the "Frog" tribe - on the/ totem to l. (left) are two frogs on top & two 'mannikins' [?] below. These people/ are great on catching shark & dry fish oil & rolichans [?] - Salmon/ too up rivers on Mainland - note the frames for their big scoop nets -/ Such houses as these were found when their siwashes were first/ visited by White people - they must have learnt this from Japs- / Men & women now generally dress as whites - but use blankets/ as wraps - They come South to trade at Victoria & these/ ranches contained many queer European things - Bird cages, toys/ & such odd meats-


1. Architecture.
2. Indian.


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