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The Reverend Dr. William King (1812 - 1895), a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada and a founder of the Elgin Settlement in 1849, was recognized as one of the foremost leaders of the anti-slavery movement in Canada. 


prior to 1895

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90: Ouvert
Documents iconographiques (photo)
Négatif de copie PA-207774
90: Ouvert
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90: Ouvert
90: Ouvert
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1988-208 NPC

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Credit: Library and Archives Canada / PA-
Restrictions on use: This collection is comprised of a mix of original photographs and modern reproductions that were made for reference purposes for Daniel Hill. The photographs which are modern reproductions made for references purposes were obtained from a number of Canadian cultural institutions and are, in most cases, clearly stamped as to where they came from. Clients wishing to obtain a copy from this collection may only request copies of original photographs. In cases where the photograph is a modern reproduction, the client must request a copy from the institution that holds the original.
Copyright: Expired

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Photographe : Unknown.

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Source of photograph: Regional Collection University of Western Ontario

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Env. 16

Note sur les expositions
Exhibition title: The Anti-Slavery Movement in Canada. Curator: Myron Momryk, National Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 2001.02.14-2001.05.27.


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