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Department of Employment and Immigration fonds [multiple media] 


[ca. 1865-1994]

Lieu de création

Sans lieu, inconnu ou indéterminé

396.52 m of textual records.
1356 microfilm reels.
32 photographs : 24 b&w, 8 col.
34 film reels (10 h, 52 min, 32 s)
17 videocassettes (10 h, 52 min, 32 s)
8 audio discs (1 h, 39 min, 34 s)

Langue du document additionnelle : Français

Portée et contenu

Fonds consists of records created and/or maintained by the Department of Employment and Immigration and its predecessors. Researchers are cautioned that unprocessed textual records and records in other media are not reflected in this description.

Documents textuels
32: Restreint selon la loi
Documents textuels: microformes
32: Restreint selon la loi
Documents iconographiques (photo)
90: Ouvert
Images en mouvement (film)
90: Ouvert
Images en mouvement (vidéo)
90: Ouvert
Documents sonores
90: Ouvert
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Copyright belongs to the Crown.

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Biographie / Histoire administrative

The Department of Employment and Immigration emerged from its predecessor, the Department of Manpower and Immigration.

The Department of Manpower and Immigration was established in 1966 under the Government Organization Act (S.C. 1966, C. 25). The Department was created by bringing together the Immigration Branch of the former Department of Citizenship and Immigration and a number of components formerly with the Department of Labour (including the National Employment Service, the Technical and Vocational Training Branch, and part of the Economics and Research Branch). Its purpose was to address the movement, training and upgrading of people with the objective of placing them in continuing employment. The Department's primary objective was to contribute to Canada's economic and social progress through the maximum development of its human resources.

The Department of Employment and Immigration was formed as part of Employment and Immigration Canada (EIC), which came into existence as a result of the Employment and Immigration Reorganization Act of 1977 (25-26 Elizabeth II, C. 54). The Act integrated the Unemployment Insurance Commission and the Department of Manpower and Immigration. In many respects, EIC was a unique federal organization. Unlike most federal institutions, it was run by both the Department and a Commission, known as the Canada Employment and Immigration Commission. The Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister served as the Commission's Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, thereby assuming two roles within EIC. The Department was closely associated with the Commission, and consisted of three main Divisions: Public Affairs, Strategic Policy and Planning, and Youth Affairs. In effect, the Department was responsible for long-range planning, economic support, and information services.

The Department, as well as the Commission, ceased to operate in 1992-93 as a result of government re-organization in those years. The functions of the Department were transferred to the Departments of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Human Resources Development Canada, which were created at that time.

Information additionnelle

Source du titre
An Act to Establish the Department of Employment and Immigration (S.C., 1976-77, C. 54)

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