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Sans lieu, inconnu ou indéterminé

156 photographs : 18 nitrate negatives & 138 glass plate negatives ; measuring either 12.7 x 17.7 cm or 12.7 x 20.4 cm.
Négatif - Verre

Portée et contenu

This series contains 156 nitrate and glass plate negatives of Ottawa and its surrounding area, and other places in Québec and Nova Scotia. Many of the photographs show the Parliament buildings, Rideau Falls, Chaudière Falls, and lumbering scenes in the Ottawa Valley. There are also many images of public buildings, including a few that show a house being constructed. There are many images of people engaged in recreational activities, including hunting, fishing, camping, bathing, picnicking, and tobogganing.

Documents iconographiques (photo)
90: Ouvert
Glass plate negatives do not travel. Mus
t be consulted at Preservation Centre.
Documents iconographiques (photo)
90: Ouvert
de 00602A À 00602D
de 00603B À 00603C
RV3 150
90: Ouvert
No de référence archivistique
Autre no d'acquisition
1936-270 NPC

Modalités d'utilisation

Credit: William James Topley / Library and Archives Canada / PA-.
Restrictions on use: Nil.
Copyright: Expired.

Graphic material (photo) FA-001 90 (Électronique)

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Information additionnelle

Note sur le classement
Photographs in this series were most likely removed from the Topley D series as they were unidentified and unnumbered. These items were numbered with the prefix "TX-D" or "TXD" as a separate group.

Titre de collection
1. TXD
2. The prefix "TX-D" or "TXD" for this series meant unidentified and unnumbered photographs in the Topley D Series.

Note sur les limites à la consultation
Access to the glass plate negatives has to be given through a photo archivist as the originals do not circulate.