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2.5 cm of textual records.

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Fonds consists of the papers of Charles Platt Treadwell (1802-1873) which include: his diary No. 4, 16 October 1828 - 14 June 1829, kept at l'Orignal, Upper Canada, which also records trips to Montreal, Lower Canada; Plattsburgh, N.Y., U.S.A.; and Bytown (Ottawa), U.C.; and a letter, 20 November 1837 from Neil Steward, suggesting that a public meeting of Her Majesty's loyal subjects be called at Vankleek Hill, Upper Canada.

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Biographie / Histoire administrative

Charles Platt Treadwell (1802-1873) was born on 15 August 1802. He was the son of Nathaniel Hazard Treadwell (1768-1855) (see MG 55/23, No. 60), and his wife Margaret (1772-1859), daughter of Judge Charles Platt (1744-1834) of Plattsburgh, New York. He was probably born in L'Orignal, Upper Canada, but grew up in Plattsburgh, New York, because the seigneurial lands purchased by his American father from the Baron de Longueuil were sequestered and the family had to return to New York in 1812, when at the outbreak of war with the U.S.A., Nathaniel H. Treadwell refused to take the oath of allegiance to the crown.

In 1823, Charles P. Treadwell returned to Upper Canada, and after prolonged negotiations with the authorities, succeeded in repossessing the seigneury of Pointe-à-L'Orignal in his father's name. On 19 January 1824, he purchased 1,500 acres of it from his father and on 17 November bought the remainder. He also repurchased the saw and grist mills at L'Orignal that had been built by his father, 1798-1800, but sold to Jacob Marston in 1812. In time, he added several thousand acres to his holding and further developed the settlement of L'Orignal, becoming a prominent citizen in the process. In 1834, he received the life appointment of High Sheriff of the Counties of Prescott and Russell. He is credited with having been the first Canadian to advocate the building of a railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

On 11 June 1834, Sheriff Treadwell married Helen Macdonnell (1804-1881), daughter of a Scottish United Empire Loyalist of Montreal, by whom he had six daughters. He died at L'Orignal, 30 November 1873.

Information additionnelle

C.P. Treadwell's diary, 1828-1829, was received in 1912, and originally catalogued in the old "M" Series as M.921, before being moved to its present location. The letter of 1837 was acquired in 1945.


1. Charles Platt Treadwell - Diaries, 1828-1829 L'Orignal (Upper Canada), 1828-1829.
2. Montreal (Lower Canada) - Description, 1818-1829 Neil Stewart, 1837.
3. Plattsburg (N.Y.) - Description, 1818-1829 Vankleek Hill, 1837.
4. Bytown (Upper Canada) - Description, 1818-1829.


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