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9.9 cm of textual records (479 p.).

Portée et contenu

Fonds consists of a diary kept by Surgeon Trevan of H.M.S. VIRAGO from January 1852 to December 1854, including a visit to various ports on Vancouver Island, 18 April-10 August 1853, pp. 275-352. Trevan describes Esquimalt, Nanaimo, and Fort Simpson and discusses Indian people. There are notes on the ship's landing and the ensuing visit, and a statement of appreciation to Dr. Trevan by the inhabitants of the Pitcairn Islands, 28 January 1853.

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Biographie / Histoire administrative

Henry Trevan came from a Cornish medical family and was educated at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London; he received his M.R.C.S. in 1836 and L.R.C.P. London in 1844. Trevan was appointed surgeon in the Royal Navy on 30 March 1846. He served on the Favourite off the coast of Africa from May 1846 to 1849, and on 13 August 1851 was appointed to the Virago on the Pacific station. He later served in the Mediterranean on the Miranda (1855-1857), on the Calcutta (1857), in the Mediterranean on the Exmouth (from 1859), and on coastguard service from Kingston on the Royal George (from April 1864). Trevan was promoted to Staff Surgeon on 2 October 1861; after his retirement ca. 1870, he served as a J.P. in Cornwall. He died in Padstow, Cornwall on 18 July 1880.

Information additionnelle

The diary of Henry Trevan, January 1852-December 1854, was received in 1955.

Documents reliés
A photograph of Dr. Trevan c. 1865 is found in the Documentary Art and Photography Division, Gladys M. Harris Collection, accession nmber 1972-2023.


1. Henry Trevan - Diaries, 1852-1854 Esquimault (B.C.), 1852-1854.
2. Great Britain. Royal Navy - Surgeons, 1852-1854 Nanaimo (B.C.), 1852-1854.
3. Indians of North America - British Columbia, 1852-1854 Fort Simpson (B.C.), 1852-1854.
4. Esquimault (B.C.) - Description, 1852-1854 Virago (Ship), 1852-1854.
5. Ninaimo (B.C.) - Description, 1852-1854 Vancouver (B.C.), 1852-1854.
6. Fort Simpson (B.C.) - Description, 1852-1854 Pitcairn Islands (B.C.), 1853.
7. Virago (Ship) - Travel, 1852-1854.


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