Stamp Advisory Committee

The Committee, established in 1969, studies proposed themes and designs and submits its recommendations to the Board that manages the Canada Post Corporation's annual stamp program. The Committee's recommendations must meet a series of objectives and criteria.

Canada Post's objectives in issuing stamps:

Instill pride in their country in the minds and hearts of all Canadians;
Are of interest and have popular appeal to broad segments of the Canadian population;
Encourage Canadians of all ages to buy and collect stamps;
Enhance the regard in which Canadian stamps are held in Canadian and international philatelic circles.

The Committee's selection criteria:

Are primarily related to Canada and of national interest and significance;
Evoke Canadian history, traditions, accomplishments or natural heritage;
Illustrate the social, cultural, political or economic life of Canada;
Commemorate the birth, the work or an event in the life of deceased persons recognized as having made outstanding contributions to Canada;
Foster a spirit of national and international goodwill and understanding.