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Demande d'aide de Mme Thomas Hodgins au premier ministre R. B. Bennett, le 28 septembre 1933. Demande d'aide de Mme Thomas Hodgins au premier ministre R. B. Bennett, le 28 septembre 1933.
Demande d'aide de Mme Thomas Hodgins au premier ministre R. B. Bennett, le 28 septembre 1933.

Demande d'aide de Mme Thomas Hodgins au premier ministre R. B. Bennett, le 28 septembre 1933.
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Perdue, Sask.
Sept. 28, 1933
Prime Minister R.B. Bennette
Ottawa, Ont.
Dear Sir it is with a very humble heart I take the opportunity of writing this letter to you to ask you if you will please send for the underware in the Eaton order (made out and enclosed in this letter). My husband will be 64 in Dec. and has nuritis very bad at times in his arms and shoulders. We have had very little crop for the last three years: not enough at all to pay taxes and live and this year crops around here (West of Saskatoon) are a complete failure. My husband is drawing wood on the waggon for 34 miles, and had to draw hay too, for feed for horses this winter. He has to take two days for a trip, and sleep out under the waggon some times. He is away for wood today and it is cold and windy. So I am writing this in the hope that you will send for this underware, as we really have not the money ourselves. I have patched & darned his old underware for the last two years but they are completely done now, if you cant do this, I really don't know what to do. We have never asked for anything of anybody before, We seem to be shut out from the world altogether - we have no telephone Radio or newspaper. For this last couple of years we have felt we could not afford to have them. We used to enjoy your speeches on the Radio also the Sunday Church Services, as we cant get out very much in winter. If I can only get this underware for my husband I can manage for myself in some way. He has to be out in the cold, where I can stay in the house, for the truth of this letter I refer you to Rev. J.B. Richardson, Pastor. United Church. Perdue or Dr. J.A. Valeno M.D. Saskatoon Sask. Thanking you in advance I remain yours truly
Mrs Thomas Hodgins
Perdue, Sask


Personal & Confidential
Ottawa, October 7, 1933.
Dear Madam:
I have before me for acknowledgement your letter of the 28th of September directed to the Prime Minister.
While you can realize Mr. Bennett has been inundated with similar requests, nevertheless in view of the health of your husband I have forwarded to the T. Eaton Co. Limited, order for high grade, heavyweight Wolsey underwear, which I trust you will receive in due course.
I trust you will treat this matter as strictly confidential.
Your faithfully,


Perdue Nov 15/33
Prime Minister R.B. Bennett.
Dear Sir received your kind favor of underware for my husband. We wish to thank you very very much for it. It was a whole month from you forwarded the order to Eatons, until we received it. But we are thankful to you for your kindness.
Mr & Mrs Thos Hodgins


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