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Preservation Activities

Collections Management

Collection management involves developing policies, standards and guidelines for the long-term preservation of the collections held by Library and Archives Canada; ensuring the safe custody and security of the records at all times and in all places; providing proper storage conditions and accommodation; surveying the collections to assess their physical condition; and developing comprehensive long-term and short-term plans for their treatment, copying and housing requirements. Preservation media specialists contribute to these activities and provide preservation advice to colleagues in the department, associates in other cultural institutions, and to the public.

A very active loans program provides support to the exhibition programs and film festivals of other national and international institutions and associations, and in turn allows LAC to give broader access to its cultural treasures in locations across Canada and around the world to audiences numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Archival records are transported from the Preservation Centre in Gatineau to researchers in downtown Ottawa. The movement of documents between storage and reference areas is controlled by an automated tracking system. Dedicated circulation staff receive, transport and circulate over 100,000 containers of documents annually to and from 5 sites.