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Library and Archives Canada Audiovisual Migration Strategy

September, 2009

2. Scope

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The principles outlined in this strategy apply only to LAC's audio and video recordings.4

While this strategy addresses the migration of the majority of LAC's audiovisual collection, the migration of motion picture film5 has been deliberately excluded from this document. Motion picture film is not currently considered at high priority for migration due to the relative stability of film formats, standards and technology.6 As such, the strategy to migrate the motion picture film portion of LAC's collection will be elaborated in a separate document at a later date.

Additionally, this strategy does not address the integration and management of migrated audiovisual content into LAC's Trusted Digital Repository (TDR), which are issues governed and addressed by other LAC policies, strategies and guidelines. However, the principles of this strategy are designed to facilitate the eventual ingest of migrated audiovisual material into the TDR when this capacity exists.

4 As defined in Managing Audio-visual Records in the Government of Canada, ( audio recording is an auditory signal encoded on a physical carrier while a video recording contains both visual and auditory signals recorded on a magnetic tape.

5 As defined in Managing Audio-visual Records in the Government of Canada, ( motion picture film contains visual information and sound recorded as a sequence of photographic images on a perforated plastic strip.

6 While it is recognized that certain portions of LAC's motion picture film collection are at high risk of physical deterioration (acetate film) and format obsolescence (non-35mm film gauges), motion picture film as a whole is judged to be at a lower risk of content loss than the audio and video recordings. Additionally, the standards and technology for the digitization of motion picture film are not yet at a stage where digital migration can be considered as a preservation option.

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