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Library and Archives Canada Audiovisual Migration Strategy

September, 2009

3. Objectives

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The primary goal of this strategy is to create a pragmatic approach for the systematic migration of LAC's audio and video recordings, thereby ensuring preservation, supporting access and increasing use of this portion of Canada's documentary heritage.

The implementation of this migration strategy will advance the following objectives:

  • Preserve at-risk audiovisual content through the creation of new digital preservation masters;
  • Maximize the volume of audiovisual recordings migrated through the employment of mass digitization techniques and the pursuit of a variety of collaborative approaches to migration;
  • Increase access and facilitate the use of LAC's audiovisual collection for all Canadians and those interested in Canada through the provision of digital access copies;
  • Support the outreach initiatives of LAC's Programs and Services Branch through the provision of digitized audiovisual content.

To achieve these objectives, LAC will migrate as much of its audiovisual collection as possible in the next five years.

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