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Library and Archives Canada Audiovisual Migration Strategy

September, 2009

4. Principles

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This strategy is guided by the five preservation principles of LAC's Preservation Policy Framework7:

  1. LAC safeguards and maintains the documentary heritage under its care;
  2. LAC considers the physical and technological preservation needs of documentary heritage materials and the institution's capacity to provide sustainable access to them as criteria in acquisition and retention decisions;
  3. LAC takes a holistic view of the relative value of, and risks to, the various parts of the collection when assessing the priorities for care of the collection;
  4. LAC applies risk management practices to ensure safe, secure and sustainable access to the collection;
  5. LAC collaborates with others to preserve Canada's documentary heritage.

7 The LAC Preservation Policy Framework is currently under development but these principles were developed after considering LAC's business and strategic directions as they apply to collection stewardship.

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