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Library and Archives Canada Audiovisual Migration Strategy

September, 2009

5. Strategic Approach

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The informational content stored on obsolete audiovisual formats rapidly becomes unreadable and thus inaccessible as appropriate playback equipment disappears. Activities related to the long-term preservation of and access to audiovisual recordings must prioritize the preservation of content over the preservation of the physical carrier as the preservation of the format also implies the maintenance of playback equipment for access. Long-term preservation of playback equipment and the parts and expertise to maintain this machinery is not a viable alternative.

Migration offers the means of overcoming the technological obsolescence of audiovisual recordings by digitally transferring a recording's content to a new standard file format. The goal of this migration is to preserve the complete integrity of the audiovisual recording and to retain the ability to retrieve and display its content.

This approach aligns with LAC's Digital Preservation Policy, which endorses migration as the preservation strategy to ensure the longevity and accessibility of the digital materials in its collection.8

8 The LAC Digital Preservation Policy,
( Section 2.C.1.6 states "The primary strategy employed at LAC is a file format migration strategy."

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