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Library and Archives Canada Audiovisual Migration Strategy

September, 2009

9. Considerations

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Implementation of the Audiovisual Migration Strategy will mean that a wide variety of audio and video formats are transferred to file formats for preservation. This approach will reduce the risk of losing long-term access to this content but eventually these files will also require migration. However, the standardization of file formats in an IT environment will simplify future content transfers and allow costs savings to be derived through automation.

This benefit to future migrations can only be achieved if LAC's technological infrastructure is updated to handle the demands that will be placed upon it by the ever increasing amount of digitized audiovisual content that will be generated upon the implementation of this strategy. LAC's Trusted Digital Repository must be scaleable and robust to manage audiovisual content once it exists in digital form.

Finally, to aid in both current and future migration efforts, LAC will have to increasingly seek out partnerships and supply arrangements.

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