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Preservation Policy

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8. Monitoring

The Review Office of the NA will monitor compliance by incorporating the preservation function and programs in internal departmental audit and evaluation plans, as appropriate.

9. Other Departmental Policies

The preservation policy will be reflected in all departmental policies that have a direct or indirect impact on the holdings of the NA or on the resources assigned to preserve them, and to ensure their accessibility. This policy will be amended as circumstances warrant.

10. Date of Effect

The preservation policy will come into effect after approval by the National Archivist of Canada.

11. Communication of the Policy

11.1 This policy will be communicated to all managers and staff of the NA, and will be made available to the public on the NA Web site at []

11.2 Further information on this policy and its implementation may be obtained from the

Preservation Branch of the National Archives of Canada,
Gatineau Preservation Centre,
625 Boulevard du Carrefour,
Gatineau, QC, Canada J8T 8L8.

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