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English Titles

Graphical element: Pencil Denotes that the book is either a translation or is available in translation.

Graphical element: Diamond Denotes an award-winning book with a family theme.

(The Nova Scotia Library Association)
For best book by an Atlantic author.

Photo of book cover: Oliver's Wars Graphical element: Diamond Oliver's Wars

Budge Wilson
Toronto: Stoddart, 1992
101 p. ISBN 077375508X
Graphical element: ArrowAges 9 to 14.

When Oliver's father is assigned to a field hospital in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, the entire family is in turmoil. Forced to leave behind familiar surroundings they move east to Halifax to live with his grandparents. A cold war already exists between Oliver's mother and her parents. Moving in only heightens the tension with everyone "coping" in their own way. His twin brother, Jerry, is always angry or brooding, his mother berates her mother for not standing up to her cranky husband, his grandfather complains about everyone and everything, and Oliver... he keeps everything inside. School does not offer Oliver any refuge either. The school bully taunts him and his gym teacher belittles him at every opportunity. Surrounded, Oliver is ready to explode like a Scud missile!

Reprinted with the permission of Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, Don Mills, Ont. M3B 2T6

(Ottawa Valley Council of the International Reading Association)
For best book by an Ottawa Valley author.

Photo of book cover: The Story of Canada The Story of Canada

Janet Lunn and Christopher Moore
Illustration: Alan Daniel
Toronto: Lester, Key Porter Books, 1992
319 p. ISBN 189555529
Graphical element: ArrowAges 11 to 13.

A beautiful and encyclopedic volume beginning with the Ice Ages and ending in 1992. The Acadians, the buffalo hunt, John Franklin's tragic quest, the Klondike gold rush, the Halifax explosion, Expo 67, Terry Fox and astronaut Roberta Bondar's flight are just a few of the many topics covered in this magnificent resource book.

Original paintings, historical photographs, maps, posters and cartoons bring the text to life. Includes an index and chronology.

Reprinted with permission from The Story of Canada by Janet Lunn and Christopher Moore, published by Key Porter Books Limited, Toronto, Ontario. Copyright © 1992. Courtesy of Lester Publishing Limited.

For outstanding achievement by a Toronto-area author or illustrator in children's literature.

Photo of book cover: Ten Small Tales Ten Small Tales

Celia Barker Lottridge
Illustrations: Joanne Fitzgerald
Toronto/Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre/A Groundwood Book, 1993
63 p. ISBN 0888991568
Graphical element: ArrowAges 4 to 8.

This collection of ten little known tales is based on folk tales, stories and traditional rhymes from around the world. In retelling these tales, Celia Barker Lottridge has shaped them by telling them to many groups of children "giving special attention to the elements of the story that encourage listeners to participate with their voices or their bodies".

The lovely soft watercolour and ink illustrations are tremendously appealing.

Ten Small Tales text Copyright © 1993 by Celia Barker Lottridge, illustrations Copyright © 1993 by Joanne Fitzgerald. Douglas & McIntyre/A Groundwood Book.

(Writers Guild of Alberta)
For best book by an Alberta author.

Photo of book cover: The Crystal Drop Graphical element: Diamond The Crystal Drop

Monica Hughes
Toronto: HarperCollins, 1992
177 p. ISBN 000223744X
Graphical element: ArrowAges 10 to 13.

The date is 2011. Megan and her young brother, Ian, are left orphans and set off across the prairie to find their Uncle Greg. The land has been parched by a hole in the ozone layer. They survive the guns and dogs of some crazed inhabitants with only gopher meat and roots to eat. They finally arrive at the foothills of Alberta and find happiness in the environmentally developed community of Gaia where their uncle lives.

The Crystal Drop by Monica Hughes © Monica Hughes 1992. Published by HarperCollins Publishing Ltd.

(The West Coast Book Prize Society)
For best book by a British Columbia author.

Photo of book cover: My Name is Seepeetza Graphical element: Diamond My Name is Seepeetza

Shirley Sterling
Vancouver/Toronto: Douglas & McIntyre/A Groundwood Book, 1992
126 p. ISBN 0888991657
Graphical element: ArrowAges 8 to 12.

On her first day at the Indian residential school her name was changed to Martha. Her hair was washed in coal oil to kill the lice she didn't have and then cut. After her bath she had to wear the school's uniform. When she went to bed that night the Sister taught her how to pray and warned her devils lived under the bed waiting to drag her to hell if she left the bed during the night...welcome to school. Martha survives her hostile environment by daydreaming of her peaceful life at her home on the ranch.

My Name is Seepeetza Copyright © 1992 by Shirley Sterling. Douglas & McIntyre/A Groundwood Book.

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