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Biographical card of Robert Bell, THE DOCTOR. The text reads as follows: Born June 3, 1841 in Toronto. Died June 17, 1917 in Rathwell, Manitoba. Joined the Geological Survey of Canada at age 15. Worked at the Geological Survey for 52 years. Strengths: science teacher, explorer, medical doctor, writer and geologist. Weakness: Was director of the Geological Survey of Canada for only five years and only on a temporary basis - and could not stop complaining about how unfair it was! Hobbies: travel, writing, mapping, place-naming, photography, ethnography, natural history, medicine. Claims to fame: named around 3,000 places in Canada; travelled farther and wrote more than any other rock star; worked for the Geological Survey of Canada for 52 years! Star power: 2 stars
Biographical card of Robert Bell: “The Doctor”
Source: Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
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