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Biographical card of Sir William E. Logan, THE KNIGHT OF ROCK. The text reads as follows: Born April 20, 1798 in Montréal. Died June 22, 1875 in Wales. Joined the Geological Surcey of Canada at age 44. Worked at the Geological Survey for 27 years. Strengths: enjoyed mathematics, language and travel; excellent and accurate mapmaker; founded the Geological Survey of Canada and was great at promoting it to make sure that funding continued. Weakness: knowledge of fossils was not great. Hobbies: camping, sketching, painting, working late, sleeping in the office, wearing old clothes, winning awards. Claims to fame: discovered how coal deposits are formed; founded the Geological Survey of Canada; knighted by Queen Victoria. Star Power: 3 stars
Biographical card of Sir William E. Logan: The Knight of Rock
Source: Library and Archives Canada
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