Packing list from Logan's journal

Page from one of William Logan's journals, written in London, England, that includes a list of things to take with him to Canada. He included himself on the list

Here begins my journal. Unless I say it is the beginning no one will find it out.

Finsbury Square 31 - Aug. 8 - present

Hellen Stewart
Ht Logan
Ed Logan
Alexr Stewart
After having dined with the foregoing good friends I ordered Charles to put into a cab. -

1. a Portmanteau
2 - Carpet Bag
3 - Hat Box
4 - Insect Box
5 - Drawing Sheets
6 - Portfolio
7 - Maps of Maine
8 - Geological hammer
9 - Mackintosh
10 - Spanish Cloak
11 - Travelling Cap
12 - Myself

I got to the Liverpool & Birmingham Station & then booked a seat to Liverpool by the 8½ train & then went to say goodby to my aunt. Then returning to the Station I parted from the good friends who dined with me, they having come to the Station to see me off.

We started at 8:50 - got to Tring at 9 57
Northampton (?) at 10 14(?) when time was given us for refreshment.

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